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[12.08.04] Backlash after T-ara appears on "Sebakwi", "We demand an apology"


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what about me??

guys please don't hate me....because i'm kqueen's too

don't worry, i don't hate them, i only not respect them anymore. i came from a country that have many problems, corruption, lies everywhere, never appreciate their own cultures, etc. that's why i adore a country like korea (well, actually east asia) who always appreciate their own history and cultures. but how korean react about these scandal just make me so dissapointed. recently there's a bullying issue in my country (even that issue was aired on TV), but they never do something like Knetizens did. the difference in the bullying issue in my country, they really have a proof (they have the video), but people reaction never like how Knetizens and Kmedias who even make a fake information and screencaps and almost all korean hate T-ara just based on rumors.

lol how can i hate you min young? you are T-ara fans and still stand for them. i can't hate T-ara real fans :D

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It was too early for them to appear on television... Whether this was filmed before or after the scandal broke the problem is people are still hot on them so its a critical move to do, they could have just delayed the episode and released the next one or replay last week's episode since this isn't necessarily a show with a story but an entertainment show.

Whether the public sat through the whole show or not their problem is they don't want T-ara to appear on television unless they're there to apologize (guilty or not). People can spare their appearances on dramas just as SM spares JYJ appearing on dramas but not in talk shows. reality shows, or variety shows even yet music programs.

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After the broadcast, netizens flooded the message boards with comments like, "We demand an apology from the 'Sebakwi' crew", "The bullying problem can suddenly be ignored now?", "T-ara's smile was still there on the broadcast", "Wish they would have edited this" and so on.


hate that owner/kid forever. They're so so so immatured. Well.. I also hate a group before,but yeah I don't reallyy care if they're showing up on any shows. I just don't care. O_O u idiotic ppl.

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I don't seem to think of this(broadcast) as nothing else but a test drive.

Truthfully I have only read the diadem news about this issue so the picture I have drawn might be small:

The last couple of days the things have cooled down as the news changed from "Requesting T-ara to be cut out of shows, disbanded, etc..." to reports of KKS 'clarifying' the events with less ambiguous statements and even him apologizing (that was more business wise than actual feelings, but still, smart move); after the 'Hwayoung apologizing' part everything seemed to go from 10 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10 in the chaotic scale (this trying only to take in consideration the "official" reports, at least for the non-korean speakers), so this recording might have been allowed to be broadcasted to know where T-ara is standing after this crazy hell of a week (even though it might seem to be longer than that)

About T-jinjo my comment will not be to look down on them in anyway, in a place like Korea the netizens seem to have a lot of power, and for them to get hundreds of thousands of people join their page/cause or whatever was no small feat; but the netizens are only strong, courageous and demanding as netizens, where and when they can remain anonymous because that way you can get away with almost anything.

So I came with to think that when it came for them to actually show up as persons in real life all the mightiness that you nickname/username gives you it simply disappears. OR on the other hand as news (and the bulling evidence was countered) kept coming up their ideas and thoughts about the girls changed going back to good or at least neutral, that leaving only the true Anti's and or bully-believers as they haven't answered, yet, to KKS and arrange a meeting (as far as I know), sure everyone would like to know the whole truth and would be better to hear the girl's versions instead of the KKS version (a thousand times better) but hey that's a starting point.

The only statement from KKS that I daresay to believe the most would be about Hwayoung's personality being "tough and somewhat manly" as, at least to me, she doesn't seem to fit the all girly pink and flowers model, she just doesn't give me that vibe; an outcast, maybe, bullied, doubtful (she could beat the crap out of anyone, everyone have to admit that if she wanted she could've been intimidating) but anyways... none of the possibilities can be excluded as even if we knew what happened on site we wouldn't know what was going through their minds.

Maybe I wasted your time with my opinion, maybe I'll be agreed, disagreed or thorn apart; a last set of thoughts anyways:

Sometimes jokes could go too far.

Sometimes publicity stunts can backfire.

Sometimes the truth is not meant for everyone.

At the end all this is like ghosts and UFOs you chose what to believe and work your way around.

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Conclusions from all the controversial incidents:

1. Unless forced by government, medias will only report something that will benefit them, regardless of substantial proofs or the consequences carried by involved party.

2. Korean netizens are mostly bunch of idiotic and cowards who speak through keyboards, think through their eyes and take action through hateful comments.

By the way, it is fun to watch their own people destroying k-pop industry which they once proud of. Well, history proved that every great things were brought down by none other but themselves

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wow,netizens/haters are really thick-skinned individuals.. they demand apology? were infact they should be the one to apologize with all the ill manner they're showing without even knowing if the issues regarding t-ara are proven true.. how dare they act like that.. they are the real bullies not our girls.. i hope all these accusations and hurtful words would backlash on haters...

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