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[12.08.27] Video - T-ara's Japanese tour Budokan concert broadcast


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All started because of this concert, nevertheless I still want to watch it. It is the most latest activity t-ara did after the bullying issue happened. I really anticipate this, really miss T-ara so badly I want them now. Miss them so much. Eunjung I love you (BTW I'm straight just adore her) needs explanation. :D lol Please be safe T-ara. Molkang Molkang. :wub:

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Performing in a concert at Budoukan was said to be a determinant of how far T-ara has reached.

It's so sad to think that this very concert actually led to some trouble which eventually led to a huge crisis.

Due to CCM's actions, everything turned worse.

At the back of my mind, I think some haters spreading malicious evidence and hateful comments are among those who were so bitter and jealous of T-ara's success, and that T-ara could be a threat to their own fandoms, so they destroyed and pounced on T-ara when they saw an opportunity.

Oh well.

What's done is done.

Damage done.

Hwayoung out.

Some haters wanted T-ara gone after Hwayoung's departure.

Sorry to say this, but I really don't mind Hwayoung out of T-ara.

For me, it's better than not having T-ara at all.

With or without Hwayoung, I am supporting T-ara.

I can't wait for their music.

I can't wait for their MV and dance performances.

I can't wait for Sexy Love.

T-ara Fighting!

Be strong and come back even stronger!

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okay, budokan concert... whatever, i will still watch this!!! This concert is due to their hard works ^__^

if that "determination" word is the start of this false controversy, then that "determination" will be the key for them to successfully stand up again ^_^

so continue to fight T-ara!!! ♥

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If the T-ara troubles didn't have happened this summer:

- T-ara would be basking in their national wide spotlight from being showcased in Star Life theatre~right before Super Junior (I only remember SNSD getting such honour as an idol group before)

- T-ara would have had a successful Japan concert in Budokan and aiming for a bigger one at Tokyo Dome

- T-ara would have a succesfull sold out concert in Korea with (which is rare among idol groups)

- T-ara would have got #1 on the charts with Day By Day (it clinged to #3 position even during the worst period of the storm)

- Sexy Love would've been released on August and I have no doubt will continue Day By Day's momentum.

- Three members of T-ara will be on TV dramas in the same time (Even the top girl groups can't claim this achievement)

Basically, adding their Japanese and international success to the equation, in their third anniversary T-ara would've move to the next level as a girl group leaving the upper mid-card groups level and joining the top tier groups with SNSD, Wonder Girls, 2NE1 and Kara.. Since TTL not a single T-ara promotion has tanked, which is an amazing achievement, even though they are not from a big agency like SM, YG, JYP or DSP... it just makes you wonder if any of the K-pop old guards or jealous struggling agencies helped in fanning the flame of hate... well, that's actually just a baseless conspiracy theory from me (don't take it seriously).

But I bet a lot of agencies are happy that T-ara got sidetracked and CCM got derailed in their struggle to join the top brands (pro-tip: get a new CEO & decent PR expert if you want to do that..)

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