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[POLL/SPAZZ] Who Has The Best Legs?

Dem Legs  

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  1. 1. Who has dem good legs?

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Hello everyone,

Okay so to get a few things straight, this one will be okay due to discussion within staff. So to Dark/Envy, no need to worry for this one. We're all good. As for the other two, no more bugging, it won't happen.

This thread will be used for discussing as well as sharing. You can provide pictures, .gifs, or heck even videos to show who you think has the greatest legs.


Must remember this is just for sharing your own opinion, whether it's true, who knows. But keep an open mind and not argue over who actually has the best legs. This is all for fun and sharing.

Alrights and now onto the actual topic.

- - -

For me, I'd say the person with the best pair would be Hyomin.


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Guest pol90

actually its a tie for me between hyomin and jiyeon..but since im jiyeon bias so vote for her..keke..:P

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I vote on Qri.

She have some really wonderful legs, which I think are under appreciated.

The others have pretty lean legs but Qri have some very nice meaty legs, womanly and all.

I sadly can't provide images right this instant, since I purged the Qri leg tabs a while ago, I'll try to find some later on.

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Truly all our girls have pretty legs.


Because i like thin legs the best ones for me are these:


Yes! Hyomin's legs are really precious.



Second comes Jiyeon




Third is our cutie pretty Qri



And then Soyeon and Eunjung



Hope all those pics can help all of you to vote, but anyway don't forget Hyominnie's legs can do this:


Oh! I almost forgot Areum! Her milky white legs are good too.


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<p>I spammed Kyulegs on sb some time ago. How I wished those pics had been saved.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Consistency. Qri has been very consistent with her volume and shape. Only minus point compared with the likes of Hyomin or Jiyeon is that she's quite short. But her tone, color, shape, and volume are consistently sekshi.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Distinct. Hyomin's got very visible lines, especially when they're "at work". But in normal conditions, hers could be too thin. Although, hers could be perfect realization of anime girls' long slim legs.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Potential. Jiyeon, being still quite young, still got much potential while already shows that vibe of sekshi freshness. Hers are not yet very toned, but she has volume and length. It could be that she's still growing or she has different body type compared to Hyomin's (Hyomin's body is very lean, almost like that premium fat-free Kobe steak at an organic grocery store, while Jiyeon's body still stores considerable amount of good fat under her skin). Her legs show their best feat when at work as well for they have the volume and length. If she can keep up the good work, she can only look better than this.</p>

<p><img alt="tumblr_m5pg7inbXe1r3kk98o4_1280.jpg" src="http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5pg7inbXe1r3kk98o4_1280.jpg" /></p>

<p> </p>

<p>I'll search for Qri's and Hyo's pics later.</p>

<p> </p>

<p><a href="http://www.allkpop.com/2009/09/taras_hyomin_voted_to_have_prettiest_legs">Btw, Hyomin's legs were voted the prettiest back then in 2009 during MBC's Girl Group Chuseok Special program</a>.</p>

Edited by aoikage

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I used to think Qri had the best legs after seeing one pic... but one picture really doesnt cut it... and this girl has many...


Uh huh... and


Different angle, same glorious pair of limbs...


Even when she's all casual like... amazing..


Another angle of the same 2 first pics... still breath taking... Ignore the ugly and grotesque monster behind her...

So yeah, Darky's vote goes to Jiyeon... sorry Sso...

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I vote for Hyomin's legs to be No.1. Jiyeon's are the 2nd and Qri's 3rd. Of all the T-ara girls, Hyomin has the longest, well proportioned and toned legs. There's no superfluous ounce of fat. Jiyeon's legs are nice too, but hers are shorter than Hyomin and her thigh muscles are not as well defined as Hyomin's.


Look at the difference of the shadow on Hyomin's and Jiyeon's legs. Hyomin's thighs have more sexy curves than Jiyeon's.



See them sheksi legs in actions. Cr: Kpophottieshq.tumblr.com

More links to gifs of Hyomin's legs below:



Cr: Kpophottieshq.tumblr.com

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hyomin's legs .. its SEXY ..

jiyeon's legs .. its ????? unexplainable ?? its good..

ahreums legs is MILKY ,, hahha ,, i voted for hyomin .. on sweet girl chiseok special , hyomin was chosen as the best legs chosen by other girl groups .. along with sunny as the best lips .. (sunbyung <3) well .. no wonder hyomin's legs are the best .. proof?

this: 445602.png

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