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[13.03.27] T-ara's Eunjung-Hyomin-Jiyeon-Areum to form a sub-unit and create national trend


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I'm sorry for breaking the mood, but actually I wasn't really happy when I first heard this news :mellow:

Even if EunJiMin are my most favorite members, I just..don't feel right :mellow:

Hell, T-ARA have just gone through all the dramatic chaos last year, and even the damage after-effect still exists until today. At times like this, I prefer them staying together and move as ONE group. The strong members' bond and good atmosphere in group are what they need the most to resist all the hatred and bashing now :mellow:

Besides, this... I feel really bad for Soyeon-Qri-Boram.

I assumed that "individual activities" for the 3 of them which CCM stated is just a passing-by-formality-comments like usual. Heck, they are humans, if I was them I would be pissed off. Areum just joined, and got all these things that Qri-Boram-Soyeon could only dream about for almost 4 years. I understand Areum is amazing and that CCM want to promote her as hard as they could by putting her with the most popular members, but still...it's a bit unfair for Soyeon-Qri-Boram -__-

Pardon me :mellow:

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I can't deny that I always waited for eunjimin sub unit , but if another member shoud be added I really prefer soyeon than areum.

I think nowdays that subunits are more successful than whole groups( like sistar 19 or orange caramel) KKS is trying to a make a successful sub unit too, but isn't it too early to comeback?

Anyway I hope they can be really successful and be top of other girl groups.

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I definitely can see this coming. CCM is preparing for the public to get used to T-ara's sub-unit, so later on if they decide to let the unnies go, Queen's wouldn't feel too shocked. Because by then, they have already get used to seeing the sub-unit aka the new T-ara without the elders.

It isn't a bad move at all, sometimes we need to be realistic, it's a matter of whether you want to save some or let all die. Eunjimin and Areum are compatible in terms of stage presence (dance, energy, looks, etc..) and still have more years ahead of them to stay as K-pop idols. As for the 3 other girls, CCM said they were going to focus on their individual activities. Maybe Sso and Qri can start learning English so that my chance to get one of them would be increased. *I'm joking and not delusional. :D*

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i´m happry about the subunit, i wasn´t expecting Areum to be there because if we find Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin toguether we have sexy trio, diferent kind of voices Eunjung AMAZING voice that can do anything( highnotes, ballads,rap...) Hyomin(very good voice and rap), Jiyeon(good voice for soft and sexy parts), this 3 members are the best dancers by far, if CCM intention is to focus this subunit on dancing of course this 3 members are the perfect members to include.

and Areum? i like Areum, i love her attitude. She is a humble, sweet, hardworking and respectfull maknae for T-ara(i think this time the new member is behaving as it has to be, not like a diva). She has a very good voice, she can rap and dance. But i don´t see her voice is better than Soyeon or her dance is amazing like KKS says. But well she has similar talents that can match well with Eun-Ji-Min, and if CCM wants to promote her(i think this is the most important reason why Areum was included here) sure the subunit will help her to be more popular in Korea.

And the other 3 members? one thing is sure and is that is not fair the new member is included instead of one of the 3 seniors in T-ara. CCM says they will focus on indivicual activities but..... this 3 members have the less individual activities until now, what kind of individual activities could they have? Maybe Boram acting? Soyeon as a solo singer ? Qri model CF or acting? i hope is true they will have individual activities and not that CCM forguet about them.

And Dani? i think KKS has realized that bring Dani to T-ara would be a big mistake, Dani is cute but is not a trainee and T-ara has very, very talented members you can´t just pick anyone to put i T-ara from the street just because is cute without knowing if has the talent or matches the group. I really hope Dani debuts in another group but not in T-ara. But maybe because KKS is obssesed with adding new people in T-ara, Dani could be debuting on T-ARA EFFECT album :wacko: , if it has to be like that i´m happy the subunit will pospone this for some months more.

I like the idea of the subunit for Eun-Ji -Min, and Areum wasn´t in my plans, but despite i love to see more of Eunjung in a subunit i was reading the news just looking for a confirmation that T-ARA as a 7 group will be toguether and will keep going , because the day Eunjung goes as a solo i will be very ,very happy but meanwhile i want T-ARA to keep working as a GROUP, DON´T ADD MORE MEMBERS, DON´T KICK OUT ANY MEMBER.

And well i guess Eunjung will be the leader of the subunit , it would be the most fair and inteligent thing to do, she is the leader there just looking at them(KKS don´t you ever thing to put Areum leading the other 3 ok???). And i wish luck to the subunit, because after the scandal i think is a very difficult moment to promote a T-ARA subunit, and they will face some hate, but i trust their talent.

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"Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum will appear similar with their promotions with T-ara, contrary to what most usual sub-units do. Their agency said, "We want to take this chance to familiarize the public with them individually."

T-ara plan to appear on stage with a dance similar to the Village People's "YMCA" dance which became popular in the late 1990's that is easy to follow. The song will have an easy and gentle melody and dance their agency hinted. T-ara hope to make the dance a national trend. Their agency joked, "The song will hopefully be the second coming of 'Gangnam Style'."

The other members, Qri, Boram and Soyeon, will stick to individual activities. T-ara will reunite in the summer and plan to reach over 150,000 fans in a Japanese Arena Tour.

Last year, T-ara held a six city tour in Japan including two sold out performances in Tokyo's Budokan Arena.


1. I think it's pretty darn obvious that the public already has a very good idea who Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin are since...I dunno, because they already got the most promotions during T-ara's whole lifetime as a group? - and on the worst side, Hyomin and Jiyeon's reputation in Korea is the worst of the entire group up to the point it's like a large permanent black stain on them. It's not going away anytime soon. If they're going to appear 'similar' to what T-ara as a group does, then it's either A) CCM's slowly taking the steps to moving the group when Soyeon, Qri and Boram's contracts expire or get kicked for whatever reason, or, B- Laziness and not being able to bother even coming up with something different for this subgroup.

2. There goes CCM again with its typical overhyping, just like it did with virtually the vast majority of T-ara's comebacks. It's old and really makes it look laughable - or just really hard to even take seriously. Not even YG would do something as specific as this when it comes to media play. National trend? Is this a joke? Last year for Day By Day before it was released, CCM claimed everything about the choreography would be super cool and all because it was Jonte who made it. I sure as hell don't remember people commenting how 'awesome' or memorable it was as opposed to Roly Poly's one, and even that's pretty much forgotten nowadays.

3. Good luck with reaching over 150k fans XD. That's probably the rough estimate of the total number of J-fans for SNSD and Kara - whose status and popularity in essence, dwarfs T-ara by miles. This is hardly any different than that idiotic statement (or rather, boast) from early last year when CCM said it'll give a 'free concert' if the Jewelry album reached 500k sales - which it never got even close to achieving half or even a quarter of that amount. In fact, it only achieved a little over 100k sold during 2012.

4. On the plus side, at least the three underdogs (okay, Soyeon probably isn't *that* much of an underdog but compared to other members, still one to a degree) are supposedly getting something of their own. But for all things considered and how CCM isn't so capable of keeping true to its promises or statements, Boram, Qri and Soyeon getting individual activities can only be proven once news of them being confirmed for specific activities comes out.

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I definitely can see this coming. CCM is preparing for the public to get used to T-ara's sub-unit, so later on if they decide to let the unnies go, the Queen's wouldn't feel too shocked. Because by then, fans have already get used to seeing the sub-unit aka the new T-ara without the elders.

I was thinking the same thing. Even before the announcement I wondered what will happen to T-ara when Qri and Boram get even older - will they promote without them or just disband? This could be the answer lol

I'm kind of excited for the unit but right now it would've been best to promote as a group and show a united front. I bet Sso, Boram and Qri are pissed at Areum for getting so much attention, I know I would be.

Just please KKS, don't screw up this year too.

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It's a rumor then? Nothing confirmed? Well, guess I wasted my time writing a long post then .____.

@Shadi - that's what CCM always claims. Yet, nothing is heard about them after such claims are made - besides, suing the media itself in Korea is a pretty big ballsy move that has a LOT of consequences and risks.

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Lol just when i was about to put my 2 cents in it all turns out to be false rumor. Sad really still if this was true i would be pissed as hell showing Boram Qri and the hearth of the group in terms of Vocals Soyeon aside like that. But it's KKS so what was i thinking.

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The 2nd Gangnam Style throw me off. Seriously CCM?

I have complete faith in EunMinYeon, they got everything needed in a group. Whether it's in dance skills, vocals or just stage presence! Instead of Areum, I would have preferred Soyeon more. TTL sub-unit was just pure awesomeness! But I guess, CCM want to give Areum more opportunities to showcase herself which I don't mind.We just have to enjoy what we get and wait patiently for T-ara's effect!

Now can Soyeon have a solo next? I'd rather have her having a solo opportunity than acting tbqh.

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Core Contends Media has denied every information about T-ara's sub-unit. The

agency said CCM may sued those media spreading the rumor.

CCM said some media had counterfeit their name and made fake news about T-ara's sub-unit. It's never confirmed by CCM.

CCM will realease official announcement about T-ara next activity before

they have a comeback in Korea. They don't mention about sub-unit.

Until now, T-ara's sub-unit news had been deleted from all K-media source. If you still keep the translated, please don't spread it.

cr: @tarashinjiru

Now, I don't know which one is real.

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I feel happy and sad both about

this news!

Happy cuz this sub-unit includs jiyeon, hyomin and eunjong. As we know, they are the most popular members in t-ara. So their chance of success is high + this situation makes a good chance for ahreum to show people her abilities!

Plus, I feel bad about this cuz I dont know what will the other members realy do while the sub-unit members are busy for their own activities.. I think maby kks put 3 others aside and neglect to them :(

I think its unfair that they pay attention to a new member who is joining t-ara since less than 1 year more.. Isnt it??

Plz dont be angry at my comment.. I support all the members.. but Im just sorry for boram, qri, soyeon. They never had chance for showing their real abilities :(

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oh this wasn't a joke?

lol, this will be interesting to see how that goes.

Interesting on their take of a sub-unit. Soyeon is the lead singer of T-ara and she's not in the unit. Eunjung isn't bad and Hyomin's been rocking her stuff more lately, Jiyeon and Hyomin together all the time makes sense though, so we'll see how this works out.

After School Red, TaeTiSeo, Sistar19, 2Yoon, so many sub-units going. lol

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This has either got to be a prank or CCM's marketing division just bit off more than it can chew.

Right now they should be concentrating on building up the hype for T-ara's Effect and focusing all marketing efforts at that direction to ensure maximum success. To reveal such sensational news now is only going to confuse potential buyers and the all important fanbase, and as the preceding posts above have shown, divide it into separate camps. This would effectively dilute the anticipation and hence potential of T-ara's Effect.

And also the theme is questionable. YMCA? Village People? I mean, seriously?!

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I'm not with this at all. I want full comeback not a sub-unit.

and it's early to comeback to Korea! KKS should let people miss t-ara and their music more, and work on SPEED, 5dolls etc more and more t-ara will NOT stay FOREVER as the group who makes a lot of money in the company.

imagine if they back next year with an amazing concept and great song? the reaction will be different than if the back this year right? if they back next year everybody will miss them not just the fans. ( see 2pm as an example )

it gonna be amazing if KKS let t-ara focus on japan activates till May, let them do some solo activities or work more on themselves ( take piano or rap classes for ex) and then give them a break.

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Considering their individual activities and sub-unit/collaboration projects before, I'm not at all against our girls forming a sub-unit(s), but I would like an "official announcement" beforehand though. Ah, the media pitfalls when unconfirmed headlines captures people's attention. I wonder if Core Contents Media is going to go for another round of lawsuits again. Antis posing as media elitists? Perhaps the media should file lawsuits against the antis now.

If I were to entertain the idea of creating a sub-unit now, I would probably go like this, . . .

1. Hyomin + Qri + Eunjung

2. Soyeon + Jiyeon + Boram + Areum

*Dani and Hwayoung are not included because Dani hasn't officially debuted in the group yet, despite her appearance in Day By Day, and Hwayoung has not yet returned to the group. However, if they do soon, I would change it to this, . . .

1. Hyomin + Qri + Areum

2. Eunjung + Dani + Hwayoung

3. Soyeon + Jiyeon + Boram

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While I find it strange that Areum is on the sub-unit rather than Soyeon, I find it a plus point as well. Our girls are still being hated in Korea and I can say the least hatred members are Qri and Areum only. I believe Areum wont be bashed for that so-called Bullying scandal while 3 sisters are the base of T-ara. Though it may be more or less unfair for me to say to rest members but EunJiMin are the most popular figures in T-ara and that's a fact.

If they really formed sub-unit and if they did well than it will provide aid to T-ara's comeback that's goonna take place in summer.

Out of topic: Jungiee is really looking drop-dead gorgeous in black

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While I like the idea of a sub-group, this doesn't feel like the best plan to me...

For one, it's odd to have a sub-group that's more than half of the original group. Additionally, it seems even weird to have all of the most in-demand/popular members of T-ara because it feels like you risk the public liking the sub-group more than the original group, especially when a good amount of the talent in T-ara does reside in the more popular members (no offense, but vocal talent). Especially, as well, if the group theme is similar to what T-ara does already -- not that there's much left they haven't done.

I understand why Areum's in it, he's trying to make her popular as well, but in this group she's just going to get overshadowed...

Tbh, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Areum would make much more since (since Jiyeon is arguably the most popular member) or even Areum and Soyeon.

However, Soyeon and Jiyeon both seem to have the biggest scandals attached to their name (followed by Eunjung) so maybe he's hoping that he can remove some of the scandal attached by utilizing their popularity? I don't know... It's all just odd to me.

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