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[OFFICIAL] T-ara N4 Concept Photo - Hyomin (04/12)


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No engrish? lmao how come!

T-ara N4 doesn't seem so bad lol not my favorite but coming from CCM I expected worse.

Everybody is confused by the concept ._.

but whatever Hyo bb looks effin' beautiful! I'm so excited for HAM'S <3

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Wow this is different... Good for her, seems like CCM releases teasers which poster their personalities or what they are famous for.

I'm rather into cute or retro T-ara style though and not very crazy about this Hyomin's style but that' me. We'll see at May 1st what is all about.

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Guest Emilyy

Actually saw this on tumblr first prob because I didn't check diadem forums xD

Wow Hyomin looks awesome and hot there xD

I can't wait for the new single <3333

Ugh the anticipation is killing me xD

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