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[14.06.24] Video HD - Jiyeon @ MBC Drama 'Triangle' Cut


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WOW, a kiss...

Listening to their talk it feels like Jiyeon will keep being in the drama for a few more episodes

Found a chinese sub, but didn't have all the conversation so added some of my own... but my korean is really like an 5-year-old so not really 100% accurate. But something at least for those who's urgent of sub and want to know that they talk about.

JY: You wanna go out?

SW: No, I'm fine

JY: You feel annoyed and hate seeing me, right?

SW: It's not annoying, I'm just not interested

JY: Is there someone you find interesting?

SW: No

JY: You're still uninterested even like this?

SW: I'm not sure only with a kiss, sleeping together might be possible

JY: Let's go then

JY: Why?

SW: I kind of like you
JY: Your interest for me will keep growing and start to like me

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