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[14.08.26] T-ara look chic and stylish in their jacket photo shoot for upcoming mini-album!


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On the 26th, T-ara's agency Core Contents Media has revealed brand new photos from the shooting scene of T-ara's jacket image photo shoot.

T-ara will appear with a new chic and trendy image by introducing the specific EDM genre of Big room to their listeners with a Shinsadong Tiger-produced song. In addition, T-ara will once again come out with an exciting dance choreography that is easy to follow along with.


In the past, T-ara has received a lot of love with their dance trends of cat dance, retro dance, shuffle dance, and robot dance. This time they plan to have a new fun and exciting dance.

T-ara is still preparing for their September 11th comeback which is about two weeks away.

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Shinsadong Tiger!!! Fighting!!!

Wow all the girls look amazing! I mean more amazing!

Jiyeon's hair is so long!

Eunjung is fantastic as we saw from the BNT and InStyle photoshoots.

Soyeon looks more like her instagram selcas which is great.

Hyomin's short hair style with the more natural looking color is looking reminiscent of the Cry Cry era and therefore, great!

Qri is remarkably pretty as expected but the auburn-ish tint to her hair really suits her well.

I really like Boram's new look. Normally the "cute" look is her thing but now she looks downright sexy! She still loves those big thick soled boots though. :P

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I'm leaking rainbow and tears of happiness all over. (warning: excessive fanboying ahead)


Qri's beauty is radiating OMG I CAN'T.

Park Ji in long hair? LOG OUT LIFE. (Is that Jungie in long hair too?)




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Wow, I am sooo loving their styles for this comeback and the concept, I cannot tell you how much I hearteu it!!!

The girls all look so mature and pretty. I especially love Jiyeonnie with that long hair and that hair style in the first pic! And I am so glad they chose to go with shinsadong tiger!!!!

So excited and pumper up uh yeah!!!


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@CptFantasy, I think you're right! This really might be the first time that happened. Even I mistook Minnie for Jungie .. oh, nuts! Minyeon shippers are probably close to frothing to the mouth because of this, kekekekeke. I wish there'd be some Eunyeon interaction in the future though. *wishful thinking*
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I particularly like that while all the other girl bands are mired hip deep in the "sexy concept" while putting out mediocre music, T-ARA is the group that says "enough" and focuses on music, which is exactly what K-Pop needs to do right now.

T-ARA, ever the trendsetters. :D

I totally agree, it is a good decision to ditch this whole sexy concept.

And i myself nowadays just listen to music since i'm on the road most of the time, no time for MVs. in fact, the only interesting MV i've watched recently was Park Bo Ram's Beautiful. Even then i didn't watch it again as too busy

So quality of music is the way to go :D

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