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[14.12.24] T-ara to shift focus on Chinese regions


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[14.12.24] T-ara to shift focus on Chinese regions


T-ara will hold their first concert in Shanghai on 27th December and embark on their first China concert tour in the first half of next year.

Previously T-ara was working individually to be an all-round entertainer in acting, varitey show, solo etc. However in 2015, T-ara will put aside all individual activities and focus on group. First and foremost, they will begin activities in China and follow by Malaysia, Singapore etc. Hence Korean fans are anxious as the date for the comeback in Korea has not been finalised.

With China becoming the new Hallyu fanbase, T-ara will reinforce their K-Pop Queen identity with the vast support from their China fans.

T-ara had recently released a song, "Little Apple", which was co-produced by China's largest video site Youku and WEB TV ASIA, as such, T-ara has officially ventured into the Chinese market. T-ara had also starred in Hunan TV variety show (Day Day Up) where they demostrated their impressive variety show skills.

In addition, T-ara will be attending the MBC Gayo Daejun on the 31st December.

Source: OBSNews
Translated by: red4summer@TiaraDiadem

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