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[15.08.01] Hyomin leaves long and cozy message on fan cafe


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Hyomin's message:

Jjan!!! Hello everyone, I am Hyomin.

Everyone have been well, right?? (Using a kindergarten teacher's tone)

Seems like it's been a long time since I've written a note like this.

We're having a comeback soon and we're feeling both excited yet anxious...

All those that have exactly the same feelings and thinking as me, I came to give you strength! Cheer you on!

And to receive your strength..! To receive your cheers.....

Yes... So I came here...

Very surprised that we were having a sudden comeback, right?

We thought so too.. Nevertheless, we had previously practised a little bit for "So Crazy", so do not worry, we will work hard to do it well and we are prepared for this comeback.

We really want to quickly release a second full album but...

How awesome does it have to be if we made you all wait for so long like this, really...

I'm also looking forward to it hehehe.

Let's dash forward towards a second full album....

We want to quickly release music as good as our first full album

Of course, this time's mini album will have great songs too! Please wait a while more for a full album, let's think of this as a bonus time (while waiting)!!

Even though I'm saying this, but we're really practising very hard and preparing heukheuk

However, if your expectations are high, the disappointment will be bigger so...

Please do not have too high expectations for this time's album.. I'm going to say it this way and run away... kiki

Nevertheless! Tomorrow is finally our small but awesomely special meeting! We'll be eating together, right!!

Tomorrow is our joyful time kyaaaaa

Fans that did not managed to get in, please don't be too upset.

Because we will have more events like this in the future!! Promise!! Stamp! kwakwakwa And make copies ddaengddaengddaeng

After the lunch is over, it'd finally be our first pre-recording (comeback stage)... It's the day of our first performance and I can't sleep, but I might suddenly faint without knowing it

Hope everyone will sleep early too.

It's quite late right now but..

I hope you will have a happy time as much as we will have.

Even if our rankings are not good, or if the (public) reactions are not good...

Let's give each other our understanding and warmth!!

We also want to stand in front of everyone and not feel embarrassed regardless of who we see... So let's strive towards that^^

Please give us a lot pretty (cheers and support), many many many!!!

I'm saying this and while thinking of tomorrow, I suddenly feel like I need to stay under my blanket...

Everyone should also be under their blankets and go to sleep!!

Throw yourselves under your blanket!!!!!

Now then~~~~ Let's meet tomorrow with bright faces~~~~

I'll come again!! Bye!!

I love you

BByong!! BByong!!


Source: Daum Cafe

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Thanks for the translations. As Hyomin said this comeback seemed to be quite sudden and out of the blue, but just watching at the teaser trailer.. the song sounds and look awesome. Another worthy addition to T-ara's diamond studded discography! I don't care how the song tracks, I'm just happy that T-ara consistently comes out with the kind of music that makes my heart beat faster! 

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Comeback has another meaning..

It opens an opportunity for the Queens and all Queen's to come together. We don't know how long this journey is going to last, so we treat every comeback as the last. May all go smooth during comeback without accident and hope T-ARA to get enough rest in-between promotion. For all Queen's who won't be in Korea, we will be cheering thousands of miles away.

The stake is high, I won't go for "if your expectations are high, the disappointment will be bigger". We're going all out to make it happen. As long as we try, we won't have regret. For not trying, it isn't an option.

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What a heartfelt and personal message from one of the more playful members of the group. Totally unexpected.


You get a sense that Hyomin is really cautiously optimistic about their new comeback and may even be bordering on pessimism. And although that may be a bit sad to read, I am more heartened to hear that they are still working hard and, as they say, still have the 'fighting' spirit in spite of all the setbacks that they have experienced.


And for me that is the real message from Hyomin. She acknowledges that times are tougher for the group but the group will not surrender or give up. That, for me is the essence of T-ara FIGHTING!!


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” - Oliver Goldsmith

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