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Hey Queen's!

Diadem just underwent some major changes as we have upgraded our IPB 3 to the very latest IPB 4. This comes with a lot of changes to the look and format.

In terms of look, we're very bare bones right now but we are currently in progress of creating a whole new theme. In the mean time, the forum's are back online for everyone to regularly use.

Couple things to note, all our content is currently being "rebuilt", so if you come across any broken links and tags, missing posts or images, etc. please do bare with us as the system does it's work, it will all be back in order very soon. Additionally, Awards have been reset but don't worry, we'll have everyone's awards back as normal. No need to make requests for what you already have again.

If anything seems out of place, worry not, we're likely already aware and are working on it. However don't hesitate to notify us of any issues, errors, etc.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

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