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  1. colourful~~ i love it~~ i've heard the song and its so addicting~ i cant wait for the mv tomorrow~
  2. soyeon unnie~~ i thought she was hyomin on the first pic haha her wearing glasses look soo cute~~ good luck on your Japanese studies unnie~
  3. thats not fair~~ i want to see them too~~TT-TT if only i'm in malaysia now.. i think they're filming for WGM though i dont really watch that program i'll make sure not yo miss this episode
  4. that's a lot of money~~ T-ara's going to Japan! watch out Japanese fans~~haha anyhow.. Good luck ladies..dont work too hard..please watch your health too
  5. hyoyoung is on the left and hwayoung's on the right hahaha (thanks to their name caption on the pic..Lol) on the side note, they're preettyy
  6. Yaaay~~ finally~~ about two more weeks to go~~ i'm sure i'm going to love it!! T-ara
  7. chukae hyomin~~ i know she's going to be a leader..haha i wonder who's next?? anyhow i cant wait for the new album T-Ara Jjang~~
  8. i can see that..she's a shy person if you watch her closely... i usually reflect myself to her and learnt a lot from her too..(and she's younger than me ) anyway Jiyeon Fighting!!
  9. erm, i dont think i'm gonna watch this movie.. especially this is a horror movie..hoho but still goodluck hyomin~~ i know you can do very well hyomin Hwaiting!!
  10. i love the song!! its really cute to see them singing the song together though the guy is 8 year older than soyeon ( seriously he looks younger than his age ) i wonder if they're going to perform that song on music program
  11. OMG!! i really cant wait to hear her beautiful voice!! first PArk Bom and now Soyeon (my two biases ) i really love APRIL~~
  12. wow!! that's a lot of money!! t-Ara is really big now more to come hehe
  13. i love her even more~~ she's a tough girl..
  14. Awww poor soyeon she always try to say the truth but got no power to do so.. never mind soyeon unnie..i never believe such rumors hehe
  15. want to watch it nowwww~~ lol soyeonnie..
  16. aww..what a lucky guy! its funny how eunjung dance cutely infront of him
  17. haha lol soyeon you're just like my close friend (she use everything she could as a mirror too)
  18. yes yes yes!! Qri ~~it's about time.. they should add soyeon or boram too
  19. pretty twin!! they're both gorgeous hehe i think hwayoung was the one wearing black hoodie
  20. lol jiyeon and her brother wonder why they want to runaway from home
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