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  1. Areum in that pic kind alook like E-young from After School o__O & what is the color of Eunjung's hair
  2. it seem that JYP let go a lot of trainee which in the end got scouted by other agencies xD
  3. its a shame that the company is doing this when the singing distribution is not evenly distributed with 7 member now adding 2 more member i dont think it'll do any good *sigh*
  4. I'm actually glad that they didnt film in Bali since the city got much exposure and they chose another city in Indonesia
  5. Happy birthday!!! enjoy your day!!! :D

  6. i really wish Seungri speak out about this issue actually make Seungri look bad
  7. its been awhile seeing them perform in matching outfit ^^ I love the silver gloves thankies
  8. who is dat girl xD mind giving me her twitter thankies
  9. I love the last pic I bet she has da same dress since she already have a miniature xD da camera in da last pic kinda look like da one Eunjung used in Coffee House ^^ thankies
  10. too much photoshop *sigh* Qri's belly piercing didnt come out well in da picture xD thankies
  11. I didnt know dat she had twitter ^^ da Hello Kitty bag is cute thankies
  12. folding screen is going to act ^^ buh I bet people envy her for being able to act along side Lee Seung Gi thankies
  13. good looking parents give good looking children ^^ seeing at her dad's pictures reminded me of my dad during his bachelor days xD thankies
  14. dis article made me tear me up T__T buh hopefully now Hyomin will get more screen time now dat she has learn everything from Sunny ^6 thankies
  15. "who are you?" LOL she look da same back then & this is why she was clinging to Victoria on Dream Concert ^^ thankies
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