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  1. her nose & her eyes are slightly different. But anyway she's getting prettier.
  2. i dont understand..that means t-ara is forecasted to get number 2 in the chart for this release?? 2nd to hkt48??
  3. wow!! all of their coats are beautiful except for ahreum.. i totally love Hyomin's and Qri's
  4. this is just the beginning, t-ara relies most on the public not on their hardcore fans.. if the public see them a s bullies.. i think t-ara's condition might getting worse even can lead to disbandment
  5. from my imagination it could be like this: -hwayoung wanted to leave t-ara because of her health issues like what she stated before bcoz of her pelvis -other members didn't seem to agree thus led to some conflicts among the 5 and hwayoung -other members replied hwayoung's tweet because they don't like the idea of hwayoung leaving because if she leaves, t-ara would definitely loses popularity-that's why hyomin tweet of different level of determination and eunjung added, you need to care others around you and more. -hyoyoung defended her sister because of she loves her and maybe she really is sick -t-ara turned to hate hwayoung even more since she might destroy t-ara's future -when fans started to hate t-ara, hyomin post the photo of theres a reason behind everything -hwayoung left -KKS stated hwayoung has attitude problem -hwayoung felt angry because she's sick and it is not because of her attitude thus replied-facts are wrong and it also could be like this.. the same flow as above but different issues-which is hwayoung can't stand to be in t-ara anymore because of the hard schedule. + she's not close to any of t-ara's member = worsen her mental depression on further schedule ACTUALLY i hope it's not about bullying..but somehow it could happen..because we don't know what behind the scene for whatever reason i want to stay still from being a hardcore fan of t-ara for a while(means i wont buy their album or singles like i usually did) until the situation becoming clear.. i don't support bully.. if they did bully i will not like them as i really like before unless they apologize. i'm a hard fan of t-ara-i bought all of their album except lovey-dovey japanese single.. but bully is a different matter.. if they apologize and show how sorry they are then i will start support them with all my heart again..for me, even if hwayoung is really a bad person bully is not the answer especially for someone in the age of 23 and above... i hope t-ara + hwayoung can give a full statement about this issue or else they will lose many fans..
  6. what happened to boram??her eyes are red in the picture.. i hope shes okay
  7. i know somehow jiyeon/hyomin/eunjung will be in the mv..however i'm hoping for boram and qri.. though i know that qri had her time before in lovey dovey..but i hope she can shine more.
  8. you can see how small hyomin's waist.. i dont know whether she naturally has small waist or because she has becoming thinner.. hopefully she's healthy to go through their july comeback
  9. thank you... seriously i didnt know where to find the subs..
  10. can anyone help me.. where to get all the invincible youth season 2 with sub??cuz i couldnt find it
  11. if eventually there is an 8th member, i would prefer her to be in t-ara cuz somehow she has qri's vibe of beauty.. however qri should be the only visual of the group(and also jiyeon).. hopefully she has a great vocal as what is stated.. so far i can acknowledge her beauty only, not yet her talent or her bonding with 7-ara.. dani should be kicked out..she's far too young for t-ara.. i can accept areum but never dani
  12. a little bit dissapointed as i hoped that atleast they reach 20k.. tbh the single cover is the worst cover they've ever released.. ugh with the pinkish font.
  13. it was really happening.. i guess its true after all that they are very famous in korea... and it really made me dance..haha
  14. wow their hands are beautiful.. it's smooth and no scars at all.. kinda envy them
  15. she's pretty...hoping for other members to get more individual cf
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