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  1. This happened a while ago, and the pictures represent the attention that each member is getting online and in the media. Jiyeon had the scandal-which-shall-not-be-named and "attitude problem" scandal so that is why she is the burning engine. That is also why Suzy and Hyuna are shown as the superpowers in their groups, because they honestly are the only members that get hype in Korea. Yani, I thought you were around for this originally that you would know TVdaily is misunderstanding things here.
  2. She looks good. Are they saying she looks older than 25?
  3. Sorry, but this is definitely not true. It is disappearing like the rest of the fat in her face.Before: http://tiaradiadem.com/forums/uploads/1261...75_87_12929.jpg Now: http://tiaradiadem.com/forums/uploads/1293..._882_100248.jpg You can also see from these that it isn't as drastic as people are making it out to be. A lot of it is an illusion from the hair & makeup change from IGCBOY to Yayaya. I think it seems like a normal loss of baby fat as she transitions into her mid-20s.
  4. Qri is a more refined and sophisticated beauty, she has a quiet confidence and maturity. It's very sexy. I also love her speaking voice, and her girly nature. She is also closer to my age. I need an older, classy woman. Maybe Hyomin will mature and be #1 again.

  5. She had more aegyo fat under her eyes before, and more of an oval shape where now her face is more diamond shape. I'm not sure if we should worry since people often lose baby fat when growing into their mid 20s. In some ways she looks prettier, like her eyes stand out more and she is better at "cute" expressions, however she did seem healthier before. Her bangs and the change of makeup from the sultry IGCBOY to cute Yayaya also has something to do with the sudden shift in appearance. I recently changed to Qri bias but this is not why.
  6. With such sleep depravity and poor diet I wouldn't be surprised if she even had a migraine at the time. Everyone needs to have a bit more sanity here.
  7. Oh, these poor girls... I don't know if they are crazy or have been slowly brainwashed, but that is not a healthy way to live. Even other idols on talk shows have been surprised an sympathetic when they hear how hard they work. CCM is lucky they don't have legal action against them with open reports about Jiyeon running on only an hour of sleep. My darlings, please rest more and eat better.
  8. I really don't think Soyeon is tomboyish, she is just mature. She talks and acts like a woman, not a girl. It is attractive because you feel like there would be very little drama or insecurity issues with her. I really don't care if they got plastic surgery or not because they still look natural to me. How is it any different from changing your hair and teeth, which are so accepted? I think especially teeth, that is a major reworking that pretty much every celebrity gets and makes a big change of appearance, and yet nothing is said. I don't get the mixed principles about this sort of thing in the public attitude.
  9. I'm guessing it was super short like what Fei in Miss A wore back in the Good Girl Bad Girl days (before new regulations) with thigh-high stockings. And yes that would be totally hot! KBS is the strictest one, so they might still wear them on a different show.
  10. How does "transition" imply plastic surgery? They were young girls before and then they are going through their late teenage years and 20s. Everybody knows at those ages your face bones finish setting, your body fills out yet you lose baby fat, and you get more fashion and makeup sense. That is a lot of transition without any surgery. Any implication is Kim Gura's fault for asking an assumptive question in an incredibly awkward way. Really, the guy is pretty rude in his interviews with everyone.
  11. OMG get me some diapers, I don't think I can hold in the excitement! Freakin E-TRIBE! Just a freakin few more hours! I totally freakin called it on the track selection! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
  12. Yes, I was wondering... How do I marry Hyomin?

  13. That's RIGHT! Just one of the million things I love about my baby. No matter how busy she is or what time of year, she always looks so stylish and well put together. you girl
  14. If the show is like this, I just might die from how precious it is. I think Jiyeon will be a good mommy, mostly shining by handling crisis well.
  15. Yesss!!! I have been saying that they should do a simple, classy, mature sort of thing for the next promotions, and this is just it! Oh man, I hope the songs are to match. I'm so excited!
  16. 1) Yaaaaaay! My babies! 2) I'm glad it's a mini album, no worries about repackage. I think if an agency wants to make their group change concepts often, mini albums are the way to go. Still, I hope CCM does well and makes it a mini album more like Kara's than Co-Ed's. Their idea of what a different "version" and "remix" is hurts my brain. 3) I'm down for something cuter, but this is still T-ara, they will have sexiness, too.
  17. I love it when Rainbow sings you.

  18. Well they'll be questioned about it on radio/variety shows soon enough, so well hear from them.
  19. Darn, but maybe Taewoo's new album will be out by then so I can order them together.
  20. I hope it is one of those 7-track minis not one of those 2-track minis. In a way minis are kind of nice because you don't have to worry about a sweet repackage version coming out after you already got it, though I wouldn't mind repacks if I lived in Korea and could just go to a store.
  21. That's close enough to November to still work with previous news. I'm glad to hear it.
  22. So we've seen celebrities, news, and the public in general take her side. This is good. I really doubt anyone is going to bring it up on any show, and if some group tries to go after her like they did Tablo they're basically admitting to breaking the law, so I don't think they will. Looks like this will fade away. It'll always be there to be used as a cheap attack by antis, but I honestly haven't seen too many T-ara antis anyway.
  23. My thoughts: 1) Jiyeon or not, the person/people who retained/proliferated this video should be punished. Who knows, it may have been a young boy on the other side of the chat, which would be less creepy, but it also could have been some sick older dude manipulating a minor, and the video is contraband in any case. 2) I'm mad at whoever is spreading it around, especially with attachments trying to prove it is Jiyeon. If it is her, it is her past, why crush her life now? Moreover, if Jiyeon is hurt then T-ara as a whole is hurt, and the other girls have absolutely nothing to do with it. What is with these people and destroying the lives of others? 3) I'm not 100% convinced to either side. Initially it seems quite convincing, but then people have pointed out the different handedness, door direction, phone, piano, wall trim, lighting, extrapolated room size, etc. It is enough for me to swing back and strongly doubt. However, if it is not her then it is the most elaborate and vicious hoax I have ever seen. I would be interested in an analysis of the video encoding and file dates of the different videos, which are embedded in them. 4) I hope the other girls believe and trust her, or if there is anything to come clean about, that it happens at least between them if not with the public at large, so they can be united. It would be terrible for something like this to cause a lack of trust between them. Fact of the matter is that everyone is curious and experiments in order to learn these parts of life at some time. If they are on the internet, it is likely to happen sooner. I wouldn't bat an eye at nearly anything confessed, even from my beloved Hyomin, who is actually pretty open about her interest in sexual things. So I hope they can support her fully. 5) Lies told enough times start to stick. The rate of people who think Obama is a Muslim continues to rise because of on stupid rumor that has been thoroughly debunked time and again. So please, let's forget this and move on and hopefully let T-ara have smooth promotions as soon as possible.
  24. So true, my baby is sexy! Although, I would say that Jiyeon is catching up! She mostly goes for cute/casual look when out and about, but on stage she shows it more. Still, Hyomin is the best and knows how to show it in all sorts of styles. Also, luxurious is just the Korean way of saying sexy/bombshell. It's kind of like glamorous, although using it in that way was more of a popular thing in the 80's here in the west.
  25. Look how classy and beautiful she is, my baby is so lovely. Her voice is soft and eloquent, perfect for an event like this.
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