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    well i'm a girl from the Philippines
    who likes to eat, meet new people, new places, new world
    love gadgets, internet, and quiet world

    I love animals :: cats, dogs, BUTTERFLY, hamster
    I love ORANGE and PINK ! ! !

    I LOVE T-ARA ! ! ! and i've been a t-ara fan since they started.
    EUNJUNG is my bias.
    i like hyomin, jiyeon, and boram as well.

    &#9812 &#9812 &#9812

    just add me up if you want to know me more.. just pm me or leave a message...

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  1. is eunjung part of this?? a little bit hard for me to understand the last part..
  2. hyomin... woah.... so lovely.... so gorgeous!!! <3
  3. so lucky!! when i visit korea... that's my first goal!!! t-ara!!
  4. who are they?? the girl... she's beautiful ... who is she????? <3
  5. wow!! it's nice to hear that!! a good year for t-ara!! it's their time to shine again.. i can't wait! more love and support to them!! EUNJUNG JIYEON
  6. merry merry christmas everyone!! hope you have a good tummy!! hehe =D more happiness to all... more love.. <3 <3 <3

  7. it's nice to hear they sung perfectly.. they really had a hard time.. especially soyeon.. good job to them... honestly, qri so scary, she never blink...
  8. YES!!! i can't wait for their comeback!!! come on ~ come on ~ september!! this will be exciting!!
  9. well i think it will be a good start for t-ara now.. especially now that jiyeon hitting the chart. second chance is good to show off what they got. they say people ignore them, well ignoring people will just give them a strong heart to fight for what's for them. for now we must support t-ara until they comeback as t-ara. fighting!! as all the QUEENS will say. looking for the succeed of T-ARA...
  10. i think that the choreo got too sexy because our maknae jiyeon do it. while im watching the vidoes especially the debut performance i could say that my jaw drop even the bat dance part. jiyeonssi made it a great performance.. i just hope that changing the choreo will bring out the best of our maknae..
  11. five years of supporting t-ara! wow! i cant believe it that our idols as well as our family here have been this strong. fighting together ,supporting each other and face the world with no fear. isnt it great diadems? we dont know each other but we bind for each other. i hope that t-ara, diadem and the queens will stay long and forever. salute for everyone for all the hardwork!! ∩_∩ FOREVER T-ARA FOREVER DIADEM FOREVER QUEEN
  12. very nice to see dani to have a good career i hope more projects for her!
  13. myanmar have kpop fans... lol so many kpop fans... i have myanmar friends who love kpop...
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