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  1. ooo they have costumes now. I wish that eunjung would stop trying and just let it recover Thanks for sharing!
  2. Im so excited for it! Anyone know what happened to the tokyo version that was supposed to be released already?
  3. Awww She shouldn't force herself like that... Lets hope it doesn't get any worse from this
  4. Kiss scene with hyomin ?!?! They cant do that to Eunjung!
  5. Their choreo is refreshingly original. They have to win next week!
  6. Hope her condition doesnt worsen, its already bad enough as it is
  7. WOOOOO ! All kill ! Hope they win on the programs!
  8. Hope she recovers soon, lovey dovey promotions soon too
  9. Can't wait for this and their other versions, more T-ARA!
  10. Finally! After 1 whole month, the wait is finally over.
  11. We had to wait nearly a month for it, so I guess a few more days wouldn't matter
  12. Looking forward to the video whenever MBN decides to release it... I know it will be awesome as always
  13. WOOOOOOOO! Loved her acting in master of study Can't wait for this!!!!!!!!
  14. peaked at 4th place! Great achievement for the girls, it is the oricon charts after all..
  15. Congrats to T-ARA ! They won the diamon award under the musical artists category
  16. I was just thinking it was about time they changed leaders hehehe... wonder if they'll ever let jiyeon be one
  17. Wow... 5 versions? Sounds like they put alot of time and effort into it.
  18. They're travelling around everywhere. Their schedules are so crazy. Hope they stay healthy
  19. OMG !! They finally won ! They deserved it ! They didn't show it though... Hope they win more
  20. Wow... Can't believe roly poly still in the top 20. Hope they can win music bank with cry cry
  21. Hopefully they win at least once in music bank... They deserve it so much!!!
  22. Can't wait for this to come out, enjoyed the first one so much. Hope this one will be as good, if not better!
  23. OMG... can't believe they're making us wait that long for the full mv.
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