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  1. as expected!always delay..have to wait more and more.. CCM taught me how to be lenient.. this waiting drive me crazy.. i will support t-ara forever..
  2. wow..so fast..thanks..congratulation T-ARA.. they deserve it..hope they can dominate top chart in 2012.. T-ARA fighting..
  3. DEABAK!!Roly Poly dominated top spot in the chart. and then davichi.wo CCM conquer top chart.wow.. time for T-ara to shine
  4. yeah..lovey dovey with new concept.. can't wait for the MV to release soon.. just about one more week to go.. DEABAK!!sure gonna hit top chart..
  5. yeah..its time for soyeon to become the leader.. congratulation SOYEON...wish you all goodluck for your comeback with the new leader.. t-ara fighting..
  6. qri stole my heart with this concept.. i love her with her short hair and cold personalities..totally DEABAK.. time for QRI to shine.
  7. ROLY POLY is an amazing song..still in top 20 chart for5 month..this should be the song of the year.. and i hope CRY CRY will get #1 next week..
  8. sure gonna watch this show... i like all of them together in one variety show.. i'll download this show for sure..ready any time i'm curious who are the lucky guy..kind of jealous..
  9. jiyeon photos freakin hot..can't wait for the album to arrive and i want to see jiyeon and qri photos for sure.. i love this concept so much...yeah...thanks for sharing..
  10. i'm happy because at last my dream come true....i always want all t-ara member cast in dream high... i'm worried about jiyeon...she so busy right now...i'll always support jiyeon.. hope CCM won't push her to hard...
  11. tomorrow!!!can't wait the teaser..but then have to wait for about 3-4 weeks for the full mv.. cheer up christmas for this year with lovey dovey.. still can't wait for the full mv...
  12. poor jiyeon..haha..she keep saying that lee chun hee is her ideal type although he married and now she want an answer.... she so funny..
  13. yeah..malaysia.. t-ara deserved all of this..they appeared in malaysia news article.. this is amazing..now its time for them to shine in asia and world..
  14. yn min

    A (6)

    where is boram??is she behind jiyeon??hehe..so cute
  15. they stole my heart since the performance on hallyu dream concert.. my heart belongs to t-ara..i love this concept so much,,it fits t-ara well.. don't work to hard,,worried about their health.. take care and good luck..love t-ara
  16. thanks for the update.. the song is addicting,,the dance moves so aggressive,, i love T-ARA so much.. thank you so much for sharing this vid..
  17. yeah..ccm have to launch t-ara official fanclub..even this is also t-ara fan dreams..they wish to have a solo concert.. make it as asia tour concert please..i want to meet t-ara and of course i will attend the concert..
  18. can't wait for the dance ver to be reveal..while i keep thinking about how they gonna dance on the stage and now they gonna release it,..yeah.. t-ara sure make this comeback the biggest hit ever..
  19. yeah..can't wait for t-ara comeback.. this gonna be a big hit this time.. t-ara fighting...let t-ara rules the world with Cry Cry..
  20. hope this time is real...no more trolling..big hit this time...make it in top charts... can't wait to hear the full audio..t-ara jjang....
  21. can't wait for the full album to release..but what about lovey dovey? so there will be black eyes album for this month and lovey dovey album next month.. i guess they don't want fans or public confuse between the two different concept..
  22. i love this lovey dovey song...sound like catchy song..can't wait to hear the full audio... totally an addictive song..qri seem to be the main character of the next part MV.. t-ara deabak..
  23. hope she get well soon.. hope she get some rest... this despite of their hectic schedule..i'm so sad as i saw the pic that she join the others for the abroad performance.. get well soon unnie..
  24. happy birthday...have a nice day

  25. yeah..at last the MV will be release today.. now i'm just wait patiently for the MV to release.. no more worries about t-ara cry cry MV..
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