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  1. where are you all this time? *stare

    you just disappear


  2. oh my, Eun Jung so beautiful in cine21 photos thx for sharing
  3. Finally, the long wating T-ara comeback, ah i'm so looking foward to pre order the album LoL
  4. wow, i especially like Ji Yeon and Qri photo they looks so beautiful and of course So Yeon is super cute
  5. wohoo can't wait to watch this movie, from their comments first time it's seems so scary and i like scary movie ^^
  6. yeaahh finally preparing for new album, can't wait to buy their new album >.< it's been long time in that pic, So Yeon with new haircut looks so cute ^^
  7. anyone got a tissue ? my nose is bleeding right now, help... that dress augh , i give up
  8. thanks Tika for sharing Ji Yeon looks very beautiful in this picture and her hairstyle make her looks so mature
  9. not surprising Hyo Min because she has nice fashion style good luck for 5dolls i like the 1st mini album
  10. So Yeon looks pretty cute with her new hairstyle and Hyo Min looks so elegant ^^ thank you for sharing
  11. haha, Eun Jung and Ji Yeon so cute Hyo Min's drawing is really awesome but that pot with blood seems little....errr....
  12. there is no HyoMin T_T it's seem all of them change their hairstyle now looks refreshing thx for sharing
  13. thanks as always tikaluph, they are cute with glasses are there any jpg/png format ?
  14. it's maybe just bad stage lightning or flash effect or makeup thx for sharing
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