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  1. I will grow my hair like hers! She's so pretty. I love seeing her face...as creepy as that sounds. haha T-ara Fighthing!
  2. I get so excited every time I see them on a variety show. It just makes the show that much better to watch! T-ara Fighthing!
  3. I wish i had an unni that would style me like her. 5dolls are so lucky to be close to t-ara. T-ara Fighthing!
  4. I hope she doesn't stress about the popularity thing and stay her self. And stay amazing. T-ara Fighthing!
  5. She's so cute and witty, not to mention she has an amazing voice. T-ara Fighthing!
  6. They are so colorful and pretty. I hope they all stay safe and healthy. Keep working hard and doing what you love! T-ara Fighthing!
  7. I'm looking forward to watching this. I can't wait till I am about to see it!! T-ara Fighthing!
  8. She's sooo cute and refreshing to look at all the time. I'm so jealous of her beauty. T-ara Fighthing!
  9. She's so cute and funny. I love her! Keep it up, and make sure you don't work yourself out too much! T-ara Fighthing!
  10. Her voice is amazinggg! I can't wait to hear even more songs and good things from them. T-ara Fighthing!
  11. Jangwoo & Eunjung = I love love love them together. They are so cute and fun, and are both pranksters. T-ara Fighthing!
  12. They look so cool in this outfit. It makes me so happy to see them look good on stage. T-ara Fighthing!
  13. Eunjung! My favorite member, even though I love all of them. She's so pretty, like always. T-ara Fighthing!
  14. I can't say this enough. I really like this outfit that they are wearing. So pretty. T-ara Fighthing!
  15. I love their makeup, hair, and outfits so much during this performance. ...Pretty much everything about them. T-ara Fighthing!
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