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  1. Aww they are all really colorful and happy all the time. iRiver made a good choice hehe! That means we get to see more of T-ara =D
  2. I hope they get their fair share too of the 3 Billion Won.. Don't want them to be like SMent. Hope they get their breaks and time out. They're working really hard..
  3. AHHH!! SO EXCITED FOR SOYEONIE!~ I'm Waiting for this digitalsingle ^__^ Hwaiting Soyeonie! Her Voice will sound awesome with some help (: Hwaiting T-ara!~<3
  4. Lols, jealousy is always fun to watch. I should start picking up We Got Married again for this.
  5. HAHA T-ara members sure like to be cast in horror movies. Eunjung in death dell 1 and white, Jiyeon in death bell 2, and now hyomin in gisaeng ryung.
  6. I watched the teaser, its sounds heavenly nice! Hm, cant wait for the full song tomorrow,
  7. she's doing great and she looks so beautiful in that red 원피스 !
  8. All of out ladies are so talented! Hopefully they let her do some of the styling on T-aras comeback
  9. i didn't expect this but HOOORAYYYY omg this is gon be awesome... even tho it's just a cameo... JIYEON!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hope 1 day they will come to hong kong........... i'm will waiting for that time..................
  11. i want they come to my country... hwaa... i will waiting for them...
  12. oh! Good to hear that she got a new role. JiYeon seems to be the one who most active
  13. The oufit was ok,at least it was better than the 'Your Words' promotions.haha. Maybe she can style T-ara when they comeback.
  14. oh! Jiyeonnie you are a real beautiful girl inside and out! really cute noona! hwaiting!!
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