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  1. Soyeon was busy texting to me *delusion mode on*. Eunjung was swearing at KKS even in her sleep. Just note that they travelled economy class. Hopefully because the better seats were sold out beforehand, not because KKS is cutting down their expenses because of that incident.
  2. Oh yeah, Sso is back like a boss. Qri is classy as always.
  3. Soyeon's voice is so sweet. I've just gone to heaven and back.
  4. It's sad to hear about her loss. This year seems to be hard on her. Qri be strong.
  5. I bought both the Paris and Swiss ptb and The best of the best ver C. In my opinion, + points and - points of those 2 are: Paris and Swiss: + Has the remix CD that worthy of a purchase. (A small complain, the remix is not that good, I guess my DJ flatmate can do a better job, and the sound isn't very clear). + Lots of photos. - Thick and heavy, will hurt you if it falls onto your face (assuming you read it on bed, face up) when you stay so long over a page to drool and forget to hold the book up. The Best of the best: + Photos are more beautiful (shot in Italy) + Like the feel of the paper cover of BoB more than the hard cover of P&S. + Has the DVD + 2 nice postcards. + The pic of Jiyeon with bare shoulders lying on the couch <3 *drool* *drool* - The CD is just another jumble of T-ara old hits. -The book is is only 1/3 as thick as P&S and smaller than A4. The verdict: Get both if you can . If not, I recommend the Best of the best, at least get the ptb.
  6. No Soyeon. I wonder where she was and who sang her parts. Hopefully we'll get to see the clip soon.
  7. Great to see the girls in HD. I'm excitedly waiting for my DVD now. Jiyeon was so thin in this trip.
  8. I watched this video with no expectation of hearing them talk about the controversy. Because we know they're still under CCM's control. So even if they want to, CCM would never let it happen. Even if CCM let them talk about it, anti fans and haters still won't change their stand. So I'm actually glad that they kept it vague. I'm just glad that we get to see more of the girls besides their stage performance. I don't care if people complain that this "Confession" is a pathetic move, blah blah blah... TV shows can only satisfy certain groups of audience. If anyone doesn't like it, just don't watch it. I think it will be long until they get offers to participate in variety shows again. So it's a good thing that Mnet has their own resource and channel to make and broadcast shows with T-ara in them. Hopefully this will be the case.
  9. SBS and CCM both have contradicted their own words before, so now I don't know who to believe in. Anyway, if T-ara is going to be very busy next year, I would rather see Eunjung focus on T-ara's activities than her acting in another drama. I don't want more dramas happen to her (pun intended). More time to sleep for Jam Eunjung (But with T-ara's infamous busy schedule, I'm not sure if she can get enough sleep)
  10. You don't need to be the rightful owner of a trophy to take pictures with it. What I mean is I don't see anything wrong with Dani taking photos with it. To other T-ara members, she's just like a kid sister. If you win a trophy, wouldn't you want your lil' sister or brother to take a photo with it? Won't you feel proud if he or she shows it off to people?
  11. Dani is so cute. I like her. But I still can't get over the fact that she's underaged. Maybe Dani can appear along side other members in G rated songs and won't participate in over G rated songs. I think that's the solution for them. But most of the songs T-ara has chosen to promote so far are rated 15, if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Jiyeon will forever be the only maknae for me. Don't get me wrong, I like Areum and Dani too. But for me, Jiyeon is still a little girl. Well, no longer little, physically.
  13. I can't understand Korean nor Japanese. I wish they had English subtitle for it. Some international fans will still buy this photobook, even though there's no Eng sub. But I bet many more will buy it if it's available with Eng sub.
  14. I want this one. T-ara addiction is making my life shorter as I just wish time flies faster to their D-day.
  15. I hope all members of T-ara will perform the song Day and Night, not only Areum. I guess KKS wants to promote the new girl. But I want to see more of T-ara.
  16. I also cringed at "I'll must be stay here day by day". However, as much as I want them to have someone to correct their English, I think Dani is too young (she isn't of legal age yet) for the group. I think 7 is a good number (album or members) and they should stick with it. Dani can feature in their MV as she did in the Day by Day vid. As for the new album cover, can't they just choose the 2nd pic instead?
  17. Haeundae Lovers' team is a group of mature and wise people. I'm glad that they support Soyeon. I don't know Kim Hye Eun before this drama, but after her interview about T-ara's controversy, I give this woman my highest respect. If Koreans take Kpop idols so seriously and think they should live as role models for the young generation of Korea, they should have this interview printed on the front page of every Korean entertainment magazine for a month, because this is a great lecture on how one shouldn't mistreat someone based on rumours.
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