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  1. It's from Gaon. So I don't think it counts the sales of their Japanese CDs. In 2012, T-ara's single BPBP was certified gold sometimes at the end of 2012, so I won't be too confident to say the number of albums sales is anywhere too far from the 100K mark.
  2. Jiyeon focus. A story about how Jiyeon murders art. But to be honest, her drawings look very cute, like those of my five year old nephew's. (I write quite a long comment but it still says not enough words.)
  3. I like the first set of stage outfit. However, the design of the front make fat Sso become sso fat.
  4. I'm not sure about the Korean version, but I can find the JPN version on the app store. However I can't buy it because it's only available on the JPN app store when my account is registered to the Australian app store. I never know app stores are segregated, but apparently people can choose which regional stores they want their apps to be listed. And in this case, Australia is not one of them. I hope they make it available in English for international fans. I can't read Korean or Japanese, so I wouldn't be able to use it anyway. I'll wait for screen caps of the game from other people then.
  5. So the first press editions of C (Eunjimin), E (Eungjung) and G (Jiyeon) were sold out on CDjapan. I quickly ordered A to E at Yesasia. So I would get the first press editions of A, B, C but I didn't notice that D & E didn't say first press. If I had had notice that, I would have ordered D&E at CDJapan, at least I would have got Soyeon's version as first press edition. Anyone who wants to order the private book, the HMV store still has them. Here the link http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/artist_T-ARA_000000000429028/item_T-ARA-Private-Book_5343858 Edit: So I've been fooled. They still have heaps of everything in stock, even the Private Book. Anyway, I have received my order from CDjapan, which is the Private book and Sparkle, and am quite happy with them. I think Sparkle is their best photo book.
  6. Sso without her circle lenses. I love it. I don't know why she's so obsessed with the circle lenses. And it seems Boram has heard my wishes and wear leggings. Too bad, Hyomin can't join them during the promotion in Japan. But I wish she'll find time here and there to appear at some events with the group.
  7. I wonder what the quality of the papers and photos would be. 1870 yen is approx. $18 AUD or $20 USD. The PIA live photo magazine of their Japanese tour 2012 is about the same price, but I was very disappointed with the photos and the paper quality. I buy them for my collection, so I don't want to get something not worth keeping. Please do not use glossy paper this time. Glossy prints never look good.
  8. Oh Hyomin does eat . *Joking, joking*. She's always very slender. Their schedule for 2013 hasn't been revealed yet. I wonder what T-ara members are doing now.
  9. So now they have another place besides twitter to share their selcas with us .
  10. Hello Qritty. . I guess it's printed on her stockings, not a temporary tattoo. I hope the rumour about the Hello Kitty endorsement deal is true and it would be good if they are offered to endorse Rilakkuma too.
  11. #46 Sexy Love, #32 We were in love, #17 Day By Day, #5 Lovey Dovey. Well done, girls.
  12. *Sign* This piece of reality is a bit hard for haters to digest.
  13. I love their new outfits. The girls look very beautiful. But in my opinion, the remix is terrible, it sounds more like video game music in the 90's, not as upbeat as the original SL. I prefer their SL remix for the Melon awards to this. Anyway, though I don't like it as much as I want to, it's good to see something different.
  14. In most Asian countries, Christmas is not really an important family reunion time, except for Christian people. For Korea, the Chuseok and Lunar New Year's day are the most important traditional holidays. Not just T-ara, but most people in the entertainment industry have to sacrify their chance to be with their families on those days. Young people in Asia spent Christmas with their girlfriend/boyfriend or just friends rather than with their family. So unless any of T-ara girls has a boyfriend, not having a day off at Christmas is not really a big deal.
  15. Well, actually, now none of them has any TV drama, I don't think they're that busy. Most Kdrama fans know Korean drama series often fall into the live-shoot scenario, meaning if 2 episodes are aired each week then 2 new episodes will be filmed a week before the scheduled broadcast date, it goes on like that until the drama ends. To finish two 50 minute episodes in just a week means having a very tight shooting schedule. Overnight filming is no longer a surprise. Sleep deprivation and accidents are bound to happen. Before the scandal, Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin had their own TV dramas to film, some of them appeared on music shows half exhausted (remember Jiyeon was rushed to hospital because of exhaustion after the Inkigayo show on the new year day because she had to practise with T-ara and had to film Dream High 2 at the same time?). But now, the bullying scandal still leaves a big question mark on the future of their acting career. I'm sure they can get back into acting but I don't think they can get a major role anytime soon. Boram and Qri don't have much time left to have a break. So I think it's good that they have concerts to be busy with. The point is to earn as much money as they can before they retired from the music industry. Well, only if CCM pay them a bonus on top of their salary based on the total amount of money they make each yea. But if they just get pay a fixed anual salary, I wish they work less.
  16. The age shouldn't be there. The date should be enough, esp. when it's such a nice and special date, 12.12.12.
  17. They must have done this after Hwa left. I wonder when. Qri and Jiyeon look like sisters with their hairstyle like that.
  18. Sso is back in shape again and wet Minnie is so sexy. Qri DGAF-ed about mean fangirls and their precious oppas, she just enjoyed herself there onstage.
  19. I think your one is the official clip from MBC, someone has cropped the top off so you can't see the MBC logo. Below are two HD fancams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeb7EcceWyc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_k8PtjnjiY
  20. Ain't it weird that they all chose songs they are currently promoting? Well, it's not weird at all, because they were still promoting them the moment they answered the questions. Anyway, I personally also like Like the 1st time the most. Saying the ideal type should act like an adult is just so Sso . Sso, you can always depend on me, though I act childish sometimes . Q5 Sso bought an inn in the forest recently???
  21. Oops, CCM wasn't lying, the third 0 was just a typo.
  22. Lol, those fans were over-reacting. At least they didn't mob the girls. 2000 fans? They must be kidding, fans at the airport said there were only around 150-200 fans.
  23. Again, no app for iOS? Anyway, it's good that we can see their selcas again.
  24. What happens to CCM's $150 million won lawsuit against whoever fired Eunjung from the drama? Seeing Eunjung looking sad like that makes me really mad. Anyway, she looks happy now. But I don't think whoever fired her releases a public apology to her yet. I remember reading KEMA demanded a public apology for her but so far nothing has happened.
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