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  1. Maybe KKS's math skills have finally been improved so he could figure out that Dani is half Boram's age.
  2. Looks like she's having a photoshoot. If so, I'm glad T-ara girls still have a side job.
  3. I think I came across a Mongolian fansite for T-ara once. I hope they will travel to see T-ara so the girls can see they still have fans all over the world.
  4. It's either that the photo is a bit blurry or Boram's legs look better? I hope the latter is true. And they all look a bit dishevelled, from the rain, maybe.
  5. T-boxes are so expensive. I would like to have the photobook, if the cover says anything at all, the ptb would be a feast for the eyes. However, I wish they could swap the cover photo of the Diamond version with the standard version. I wonder if the diamond version has a free poster with it, that would give me more reason to buy it.
  6. The song is really catchy. But the PV is such a let down. Sometimes it feels like watching an animated collage or slideshow because the girls in are not moving at all, the fighting scene sometimes feel so slow, it's like playing games in the early age of video games when your character on screen move pixel by pixel. They'd better have a dance version of this song with the girls in real person, then it would be a keeper.
  7. Why does it look like she was in a hotel room?
  8. Finally, the wait is over. QBS are so pretty. But why did they have to film at the beach on such an overcast day like that? I'm not sure if a higher quality clip can give us a sharper view, but at the moment, this clip looks like it was filmed ages ago in the heyday of video tapes. Well, that's my only complaint. Give me a blue sky.
  9. This upcoming album = 3 versions of Sexy Love + 4 Bunny Styles + 2 Targets. Fanmail I never send: Dear beautiful sniper(s), stop sniping at my pocket, it has a dozen holes already because of you. Don't say "Bye Bye", though more than half of your new album sounds like a deja vu, I would still go "Buy Buy" it. I guess I'm an easy target. But what can I do when you're my sweet treasure and all I want is to say happy birthday to you on your 4th anniversary.
  10. T-pirates? I'll surrender without a fight. I like this cover more than the one in which they have devil horns and pitchforks with the big bulleye behind. I like to see them in those devil costumes but the background of that cover looks so cheap.
  11. I think they restrict it to viewers in Japan only as a way to see how much interest the local market has in T-ara.
  12. Hyomin's sexy midriff. Jiyeon finally shows more of her legs. Eunjung's like a.... gold fish ? (Suddenly crave for deep fried fish). Areum is thinner and thinner?
  13. I need to know if they still keep their previous plan for 2 concerts in July 12 & 13 at the Budokan as announced before. Though I reckon those are moved to September as listed above.
  14. Since Qri's name sometimes is styled as Kyulri, it could be KBS instead of QBS, and there you get another broadcasting station. And if QBS was Qri's Broadcasting System, then there would be silent throughout the whole program. There would be some giggles, maybe.
  15. Yay, the unnies are back. Boram the maknae, Qri the visual and Soyeon the singer. QBS? Qri Becomes Sexier?
  16. I use Chrome too, all the links work fine for me.
  17. I'm excited already, will place my order for the mini album soon. Hopefully it has more than 1 song, otherwise, why is it called mini album? It looks like they all look sleek and city chic in this dance version while acting like country bumpkins in the drama one. Anyway, I just can't wait for their first show.
  18. Guest artists? Soyeon, Qri and Boram ? I know it's very unlikely that would happen, but I really hope they could, like when they did TTL, Boram and Qri, who didn't sing, still appeared in the MV for the song.
  19. Wow, 4 T-bunnies are filming with many bunnies around. Eunjung's hair is too cute.
  20. OMG. Hyomin is "untouchable". What does that N4 stand for? T-ara (is) Now 4???? Look, I've found a hidden message from CCM.
  21. Wow, that's quick. We've just talked about the rumour about Hyomin shopping outfits for the sub-unit and today we already get to see the concept a photo. This is going to be a hot sub-unit. I still remember those big neck chains they wore when they performed IGCBOY, and you could hear the clanging noise when the metal pieces of the chains hit one another when they danced. For me, that noise adds power to their perfs. I hope they could come up with a cool and edgy concept this time.
  22. Oh, hip-hop in the countryside??!! (If the rumour about them going to release a song named 'Rural Life' is true). Anyway, this is just speculation, so I won't dwell much into it. But when I see Hyomin in that oversized T-shirt, it also reminds me of Choo Choo Train. And I want the sub-unit (if they do have one) to do a song similar to that again. As for TTL, so far it is their best song and concept, Eunjung and Hyomin's rappings in it were awesome, and I will miss Soyeon's sweet voice. Areum is ok but not to Soyeon's level yet. Well, the unnies can form another sub unit to do some trot songs then. Sso can coach the other two on how to sing better. Anyone remembers this perf?
  23. This isn't quick at all, if you consider that none of T-ara members has any short or long run individual project except for Eunjung, who is hosting Show Champion. Hence, their income is reduced significantly compared with their previous years. If people don't come knocking on their door to offer jobs, they need to go all out to earn more money. Their average age is quite high compared to other idol groups. Their activities as an idol group are now limited to singing only, hence, they need to make the most out of it. Moreover, unlike music bands, they don't compose their own music, so they don't really need to take a break to find new inspiration. As long as their company can find new materials that they think the group could help sell well, they will go for it. Edit: After giving the news another read, I think that 2nd album could be just the compilation of the songs from 10 singles T-ara has released recently. Well, let's wait and see.
  24. I definitely can see this coming. CCM is preparing for the public to get used to T-ara's sub-unit, so later on if they decide to let the unnies go, Queen's wouldn't feel too shocked. Because by then, they have already get used to seeing the sub-unit aka the new T-ara without the elders. It isn't a bad move at all, sometimes we need to be realistic, it's a matter of whether you want to save some or let all die. Eunjimin and Areum are compatible in terms of stage presence (dance, energy, looks, etc..) and still have more years ahead of them to stay as K-pop idols. As for the 3 other girls, CCM said they were going to focus on their individual activities. Maybe Sso and Qri can start learning English so that my chance to get one of them would be increased. *I'm joking and not delusional. *
  25. Sso in the 4th pic was sitting like a boss on a flying carpet in Aladin. Areum's facial expression in the last pic is so hilarious.
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