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  1. Their solos are a bit underwhelming for me but I'm very proud of all of them for giving their best in their solo debut.


    Title track ranking: Jiyeon >> Eunjung > Hyomin

    Jiyeon has by far the best title track. Eunjung's title track is a bit bland and it frustrates me cause she has so much potential in her and is arguably the best singer among the three of them. I hate most of Brave Bro songs lol so Hyomin's Nice Body is my least favourite.


    Album ranking: Jiyeon > Hyomin >> Eunjung.

    Again Jiyeon has the best overall album but unfortunately none of her songs stood out. They're all good but nothing outstanding. Hyomin's Fake it is my favourite side track among all the solos. Sadly, Eunjung's album is a let down.


    Performance ranking: Eunjung > Jiyeon > Hyomin

    I actually really like Eunjung's live performance. I think she dances gracefully and sings really well.


    Music Video: Jiyeon > Hyomin > Eunjung

    I don't think I have to say much about Eunjung's confusing music video and teaser.


    Dance: Jiyeon = Eunjung = Hyomin.

    None of their dance suits my taste lol.


    Overall: Jiyeon > Hyomin > Eunjung. 

    Eunjung's solo debut frustrates me so much I feel like pulling my hair. Girl is putting so much effort that I feel guilty for criticizing. I hope all of them get a better song next time and no more duets please.

  2. Rough Translation from 5.29 onwards,


    Eunjung: Hello viewers of Net Ease, I'm T-ara's Eunjung. Very happy to meet with fans from China. Thank you !!

    Jiyeon: Hello viewers of Net Ease, I'm T-ara's Jiyeon ... Thank you ... See you again.

    Soyeon: Hello viewers of Net Ease, I'm Soyeon. I will work hard. Please support me. Thank you everyone. See you again.

    Boram: Hello viewers of Net Ease, I'm T-ara's eldest, Boram. I love you. Thank you.

    Qri: Hello viewers of Net Ease, I'm T-ara's Qri. Thank you.

    Hyomin: Hello viewers of Net Ease, I'm T-ara's Hyomin ... "me me da" (Chinese internet slang use to express love) ... We love you all ... Bye Bye

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