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  1. The feeling when you finally can sleep long~~

  2. I wasn't created to sit, only 1h in car is full of pain

  3. 5 hours of training done, feeling pretty nice except for the fact that I'm starving

  4. And because there was nothing to boil water, I had to eat raw pasta in order to keep the hunger away. Life is soooo easy

  5. If I don't win gold after all this training, I will watch Qri videos 24/7 for therapic reasons

  6. I have so much weird stuff in my phone, but still waiting it to be able to fly

  7. Ranked is full of disconnecters... Why do you even play it if you're not good and can't take a loss

  8. Just c'mon, why do they have to bring it up again? Because People started to forget why they were hating on T-ara? The case is old and rusty, absolutely no reason to start all the rambling again...
  9. Njet molotov, njet molotov~

  10. Well at least the day wasn't wasted, probably should be happy about it

  11. I'm so pissed that I could break hundreds of sandbags right now

  12. I accidently deleted my work................. #2hourswasted

  13. Why it has to always rain, I hate walking on muddy road...

  14. Where is Soyeon, she has been very quiet after the award show

  15. MBK is building a huge franchise, much better than Core ent. Was ever able to. Soon they will bypass others

  16. This is my favourite song besides Don't leave by T-ara, believe it or not http://t.co/l06tMFDXr0

  17. I need new T-ara songs and fast....

  18. Not honored to know you, but I'm pretty sure about the answer :p"@Hahm_Eunyeon: RT I'm byun.

    Fav I'm innocent.

    Which one is me. HAHA"

  19. 3 hours of computer shenanigans done, other 3 still to go

  20. I feel like Monday will be full of suffering, first 6 hours with computer shenanigans and later training for Finland's master cup

  21. I hate my life, the only weekend with T-ara performances and I have work, so done with this ㅠㅡㅠ

  22. And still I have reason not to be a sone again, the song was not that good. I'm sorry but the Breakdown was completely sh*t.

  23. SNSD released their track, but I'm stuck in school. Mentally challenging time

  24. Lee is not included in Tekken 7?!? Are you fvcking kidding me!?!?!

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