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[10.12.21] How's T-ara's life in 9 hours?


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I'm soooo sad for Soyeon. It must have been a pain performing in a condition like that, like worrying all the times but you've to compose yourself and act like nothing happened! She's suchh a professional! And all of them.

Also, well, Hwayoung looks kinda shubby but she's too cute! I don't mind shubby! But if she worries about that we can only hope that she still eats enough of her breakfast and lunch to grow. She's still young!

Thanks for the news and translation, I really appreciate this! :-D

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Well, this hectic day could also mean T-ara's popularity is rising. With more schedules and all (: I'm sure they were all prepared for this. & it's good to see how they react fast to obstacles. :3 They are an awesome group ♥ & I just love Soyeon's determination.

"Soyeon lastly expressed their determination, 'If you ask us whether we would like to rehearse to be on stage, or sleep for an hour more, we will gladly choose to rehearse to be on stage' "

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Wow! I watched a video of this, I mean thier performance, i did see soyeon's ripped back She did a really good job on hidding it tooXD because you can only really see it if you pay close attention,and T-ara are the best! They are working really hard and after thier album,THEY HAVE GONE WOOT WOOT! Hehe;] (lol) and I just hope they get LOTS Of rest! and T-ara jajang fighting!

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