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[10.12.21] How's T-ara's life in 9 hours?


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Various Journalists tackle T-ara's hectic schedule. They followed them around documenting T-ara's activities for 9 hours.

"Our December schedule is very hectic. We have to practice alot of our choreography, and other artists aswell", says Boram.

In their dressing room, 4 big bags of clothing can be seen, along with various make-up utensils for them.

Every year-end, the biggest music festivals are held and the brightest stars who have worked hard the past year are always in attendance. There are always special performances that are organized.

7 members of T-ara in 9 hectic hours, you will see how their schedule really is in a short amount of time.


At 15:00, they go to their hairstylists as they sleep soundly. This is a rare chance for them to catch up on their sleep as Jiyeon explains 'I feel like I only sleep for an hour.. I might fall asleep on-stage!'.

Hyomin adds, 'I fell asleep at the hair shop today and almost fell down the stairs!'

From there they move to the music show's backstage/waiting room and they are fixing their hair accessories and make-up. They have to sing 2 songs for their comeback, so for their outfit change, they are only given 30 seconds to change.

They chat among themselves about random things like their make-up, their stage performance or even the amount of sleep they got last night.

At 17:30, there was an incident in their dress rehearsal. It turns out their outfit were made too tight that there were no places for their microphone and the receiver. Members Hyomin and Soyeon went on performing 'YaYaYa' without being fully zipped at the back, but good thing they were wearing black shirts to cover their bras.

As this emergency is needed to be fixed, the stylists move the receivers to their hips, except for lead vocalist Soyeon who continues on.

At 18:30, the girls eat their meal from a restaurant. Hyomin says,"This is better than usual. We usually eat chips or sweets.". But it was noticeable that new member Hwayoung did not eat all of her food. She explains, "I'm tall and Im light-skinned so on camera I look very chubby. So now im dieting.". Since she finished eating early, she uses her time wisely and practices infront of the mirror.

It's already 21:00 and it's time to start the Melon Music Awards. They seem to be nervous. Their first performance was finished without any mistakes, but then problems popped up for their second performance.

For their outfits of 'YaYaYa' Soyeon's zipper in the back couldnt be raised because her receiver was caught in it. She refused to go on stage but she had to since they didnt have much time to cope.

While on stage, she was very worried something might go wrong. But she handles it like a real professional and carries on like nothing is wrong. While exiting, it was clear that Soyeon was hiding her back part and she was almost teary-eyed.

Their day didnt end there as 23:30 came and they had to rehearse with Secret for their special stage on KBS' Music Bank. The members who were feeling sleepy immediately got an energy boost once the music played.

Two days after that the joint performance was held and they did well.

Soyeon lastly expressed their determination, "If you ask us whether we would like to rehearse to be on stage, or sleep for an hour more, we will gladly choose to rehearse to be on stage"


Cr: DongA journalists

Written By: Various

Translated By: *YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com


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gosh ...1 hours of sleep is so ridiculous...i hope they get more time to rest ..they are over exerting themself -.-...@ soyeon..lucky she wore a black shirt inside..something big might had happened if she did not

Imagine if it happened to another person, who didnt have the same techniques as Soyeon, it would have been woah.. But im glad Soyeon has this.. professional head idk how she gets it but yeah.. im glad she knows her stuff ^^

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That is 1 hell of a schedule. How could they survive like that?!! I really pity them getting only 1 hour of sleep. They shouldn't stress their body so much. They'll fall sick anytime soon... (I hope not though.) But since it's their comeback month, do it to the fullest and get a long, long rest after that. =)

T-ara fighting!

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Imagine if it happened to another person, who didnt have the same techniques as Soyeon, it would have been woah.. But im glad Soyeon has this.. professional head idk how she gets it but yeah.. im glad she knows her stuff ^^

yea i didnt even notice this until i read this article....props to her being so professional and calm during times like that...normal people would just freak out

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I have read this before at allkpop.

At first, I am a bit worried of what will happen if they continuously have this kind of schedule.

Remember about Jiyeon post on the internet saying she is so tried and all?

What if that kind of things happen again?

However, I think I might be too exaggerate.

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1 hour of sleep???

look like student's sleep routine

i wonder how eunjung will survive because she is sleeping eunjung

T-ara is pulling their leg right now

they really pro in just almost a year and half after debut

i'm happy for them

please take care of yourselves,T-ara

don't fall sick

T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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