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[11.01.12] 'Sleeping Eunjung', 3 more pictures revealed


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Eunjung's sleeping habit is revealed again as more pictures of her sleeping surface.

The pictures show Eunjung randomly sleeping anywhere. She says "These photographs were taken while I was asleep! Because of my schedule busy, I'm so tired. I dont even wash my face and leave my eye make-up on when I fall asleep"

"My manager and stylist likes to take pictures like these and reveal them online. They look cute, but I only want to show my pretty T-ara side. I will try not to sleep randomly!"

Eunjung has been cast as one of the lead actors in KBS 'Dream High' as Yoon BaekHee and people are all praise for acting skills


Cr: Daum

Written By: --

Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @tiaradiadem.com

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omg! but she looks so cute. with her mouth slightly hanging. i laughed a little when i see her sleeping like this but i am still in awe that she looks so pretty even when she is sleep though.

and the way she stated that she would anyhow sleep sounds a little comical to me. ha. cute eunjung cute eunjung.

thanks for sharing..

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Eunjung's so pretty. Even in her sleep.

She shouldn't be embarrassed. Normal people don't even look half as flattering as she does sleeping like that. ^_^

As for Dream High: even though the writer is making 'Baek Hee' more hate-able by the episode, more praises are pouring in for Eunjung's acting. I'm proud of her.

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