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[11.01.16] T-ara Eunjung shows a 'painful fighting spirit' for goodbye stages


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I dun feel sad,I feel proud.I m proud to be her fan! (:

Its her choice to do it and not being forced.

Not many idols will endured the pain to perform on stage.

She really hav the spirit,and thats why we will continue to support her and T-ara!

T-ara Fighting! Eunjung Fighting and Rest well! (:

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She has so much fighting spirit

Aaaah, EunJung you should take it easy

Hope she'll recover soon

and ps: the production of Dream High should do something about the cold

cant stand it when I'm watching DH and they're filming indoors you can see their breath >.<

haha yeah XD i was just like: do they not have a warming in there! lol

poor them

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Aw Eunjung :D I hope she will get better soon and in the mean time rest. She's so strong and cares about her fans too but her health should go first. We will be happy as long as their okay right? I'm happy she's back but if she's still hurt we will understand right. I hope she get better 100% <3

Anyways Eunjung Fighting~! :D

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