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[11.01.16] T-ara Eunjung shows a 'painful fighting spirit' for goodbye stages


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T-ara Eunjung shows a 'painful fighting spirit' for goodbye stages


Eunjung, member of T-ara, is getting sad reactions from fans after she holds a fighting spirit while receiving prescription painkillers.

On December 25th of last year, Eunjung took a fall on slippery icy and injured a ligament in her left knee.

Because T-ara is having their goodbye stages on the 14th, 15th, and the 16th, Eunjung will stand on stage with the others.

The hospital said, "Eunjung needed 2 weeks in a cast, and another 2 weeks on a secondary cast," they said. They also said, "She can't be over-doing it for a month and should receive steady therapy."

But the goodbye stages are this week, and Eunjung made a strong request to be alongside the members, "For the last 3 days of broadcasts, I want to be there so I have been receiving 3 takes of prescribed painkillers."

Eunjung explained, "The company and the music broadcasts' directors said they would understand my leg injury, even though they said it was okay for me not to stand on stage, I was so apologetic to the members and fans for the time I wasn't able to be together with them due to my ankle injury, and as important as the goodbye stages were I wanted to stand on stage with all our members again". Currently filming the KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama 'Dream High', she also continued on to say "On behalf of preparing for T-ara's goodbye stages I requested for a change in schedule. I was really thankful for them to understand this".

Meanwhile, T-ara's final stages will be on the 14th at KBS2TV 'Music Bank', 15th at MBC TV 'Music Core, and their final goodbye on the 16th at SBS 'Inkigayo'.


Source: Nate

Written by: Lee Yonhgo

Translated by: nathaniel + maknaes. @ Diadem

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She's very persistence

I prefer her resting than performing even though its a important performance for T-ara

Her injury is not fully recovered but it might get worst if she's not careful O.o

she also have her acting for dream high :wub:

and after their last goodbye stage i wish they'll have a better song to promote

and waiting for their next comeback :)

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oh,i'm gonna cry reading this

eunjung is fighting very hard for t-ara and fans

that why i'm so touched when watching the goodbye stage perf

she's not in good condition yet

i adore your fighting spirit and dedication in your career

you just give inspiration for me to succeed in my career too :D

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it really breaks my heart to hear that,she's taken a painkillers

just to be with the members for them to perform a last stage performance together

which was touched my <3. She's really professional,Ooh eunjung ,HWAITING!~

please rest OKAY? fighting!~ <3

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