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[11.01.21] Soyeon bravely admits to having her nose fixed


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On Soyeon's latest guesting on KBS 2tv's '100 points of 100' show, T-ara's main vocal Soyeon admits to having cosmetic procedures to her nose.

In the show, comedian Kim KyungJin pointed out about wanting Soyeon to fix her nose in the segment "I'll Fix It'. Due to the confrontation, Soyeon fires back saying, "I already got shots*** done in my nose before. I considered getting a nosejob before, but maybe because of this, I will get one."

Adding to that statement, she explains "Getting shots are not really plastic surgery. It's just shots, since they dont cut you up."

This confrontation will be aired on January 22, KBS 2TV.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110121n16306

Written By: Amorry

Translation By: *YANiPOPO*


Shots ARE NOT plastic surgery. This has been clarified even before, by B.E.G member SON GAIN. She has gotten shots and THEY DONT inject you with the silicone that plastic surgery does

there's nothing wrong fixing her face..she became more beautiful.

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Well, that's nothing!

It's only a few needles, not like they cut open and plastic surgery

Some haters find things to hate, yet when their favourite idol group

members reveal, i find that the most happiest moment personally,

Taste of their own hate treatment.

It's not in the wrongdoing.

Not even surgery or anything near major.

Minor needle shot is nothing. I praise her for revealing the truth <3

Otherwise those stupid haters will hate and make rumours

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just read the comment about this news in allkpop....

people get very excited about this type of news....

especially haters with their stupid comment...


Agreed, haters love this kind of comments so they will have some to write on ( more things for them to hate )

i dont get whats wrong with getting some shots its just shots u get shots for vaccine too dont you

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Although it's not a real plastic surgery, it was brave of Soyeon to admit that she supposely "changed" a part of her body.

With the controversial that people generate nowadays, I don't know if I would be capable of doing such myself.

Anyway, she looked beautiful already. But, well, I suppose it's not a mistake to want to be even more beautiful :]

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