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[11.01.21] Park Gyuri-Eunjung, lonely girl group leaders being bullied?


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Eunjung said in an interview with Newsen, ""We thought there really wasn't a group that are as close as we are, when these member controversies, bullying rumors started spreading around, we all just said 'Huh' and laughed about it."


So totally true.I think T-ara is the closest group available out there.

I'll laugh about the controversies too because I totally believe T-ara is very close.

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What kind of bullying? O:

The girls wouldn't do not.Not every girl groups do that for sure. D:

Its impossible to think that way.Every girl group is like a family that has respect for one another.

Besides,they're leaders,leaders are suppose to be in charge and handle things maturely.

But if they are being bullied,it might be in a funny/kidding way.Its not meant seriously.

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Guest cruzer1979
i agree with u...t-ara member very close each other...

i cant imagine how eunjung been bullied...

she has strong personality..

same as gyuri...

yup i agree with u tooo. eunjung being bullied..nah.. this is the funniest story that i ever hear... if u can see dream girl ep 3 ... when jiyeon get up sad with the stewardess activities she said " eunjung unnie always said to me..if i ever get up sad or frustrated just look at me (eunjung) and i will do funny face to cheer u up".....and one early ep in t-ara dot com ..when boram sick and want to go to hospital and the first member that she told is eunjung.... and many more scene u can see.. how eunjung is the glue to t-ara..whether she is the leader or not..she is eunjung no one can or have heart to bullied her....because she really take care other member

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I find this article being quite absurd indeed.

T-ara as we have seen, are probably the most family friendly like idol group

out there, they all act like true blood siblings!

Also the fact that all the t-ara members said they thought they were the closest

group out of the idol groups these days, says something about their relationship.

We have also seen eunjung being in leader mode, she's quite the strict type.

But in a nice way LOL <3

These fans ought to know their senses.

Haven't they seen endless shows where t-ara true side are revealed?

How they root for one another?

So much dirt are being put on t-ara these days,

I hope this is the last in a long time xx

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