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[11.01.21] Park Gyuri-Eunjung, lonely girl group leaders being bullied?


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Park Gyuri-Eunjung, lonely girl group leaders being bullied?


With the recent news of the 5-member girl group KARA possibly dismantling, rumors of bullying in girl groups has became a hot topic.

On January 19th, four members of KARA had decided to terminate their contracts with their company DSP. Excluded from the lawsuit was the leader Park Gyuri. Netizens have assumed that Gyuri was an "outcast leader" being bullied by "natural leader" Seungyeon, but these claims have only resulted in being denied.

In addition, it was also talked about how T-ara's former leader possibly could be bullied. T-ara who released a new album late last year gained a new member, Ryu Hwayoung, and also changed leaders from Eunjung -> Boram.

Eunjung said in an interview with Newsen, ""We thought there really wasn't a group that are as close as we are, when these member controversies, bullying rumors started spreading around, we all just said 'Huh' and laughed about it."

Eunjung continued by saying, "It was the first time we heard of leaders being changed in an idol group from Korea. The leaders rotating through different members, including me, is just intended to get each other members' good points shown to fans and develop us. That's the only reason we will switch from leader to leader, so don't be concerned. It's even possible maknae Jiyeon could be leader," she said while dismissing the rumors.

Note: Excerpted/summed up most of the parts talking about KARA.


Source: Nate

Written by: Gok Youngmin

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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They are bullied by their member..?

I could LMAO >.<

Gyuri bullied by Seungyeon..? woah ''big'' rumour?

''Eunjung said in an interview with Newsen, "All of us are really close and we think it's ridiculous there could be bullying among members. When I first heard this rumor I just said 'Huh' and laughed." ''

i think all fan will have the same expression too -.-

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Wah.. That' topic scared me.. Lol! I thought it was about thier high schol years being bullied or something like now-a--days. Hehe;) That's funny.. A lito bit.. I guess that.. Hmphh I'm thinking that Seungyeon could of been a leader for Kara.. SHE'S SO KUTE!! Ayego and then Boram became the leader in T-ara which she's also so kute! That's so funny.. I Have a feeling that Seungyeon will become a leader in kara soon after the problem in DSP And kara thingy rumors and Ect. is done.. Kara+T-ara fighting!~

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i do think kara and t-ara are two different type of idols... as i've seen in many shows regarding kara, nicole and gyuri act like senior too much than the other three... while in t-ara, even boram and soyeon seems like maknae.. personally, i do think internal relationship between t-ara is much better.. they can simply be close to each other like thay are at same age...so being bullied??? naahh...its not happening..

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OIC, Eunjung and her sister's group members will never bully each another !!!

The media making alot of nonsense news again....

Eunjung is a tough and hardworking girl with a never give up attitude she can take care of her self !!!

Saranghea Eunjung Fighting ^o^

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wha?? godness gyuri bullied by baby face seungyeon?

okay...if that rumors true then seungyeon really great!

you know, gyuri looks....so fierce and looks beautiful scary

and eunjung being bullied by another member?

i didn't see any chance to do that...

but i see much possibility she got tricked by another member lot <3^_^

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EunJung being bullied?? I think it couldn't be happened, because they are really close to each other and they also take care of each other. I could say that T-ARA is the best.... <3

One more thing, I hope KARA will still exist in the future, I'm really shocked of the things happened to them.

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I think I'm a bit slow and off-topic but KARA is disbanding? <3^_^:P

That's just so sad.

For me, i think that korean groups should be in even numbers so one can have a best friend. Because being in threes will definitely, no matter what, leave someone out. But i have no clue on the bullying. If it were true, I would be really disheartened.

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i don't think eunjung been bullied by others

but t-ara members always make pranks of her lol :o

from what i see, they have close friendships towards each other

it's impossible some of them will ruin each other careers

i'm just hope they can stay as t-ara as long as they can :P

no matter who is their leader, eunjung still my bias and t-ara leader for me <3

and my fav girl group is T-ARA (forever and ever) ^_^

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Bullying Eunjung?I honestly would think she be the last member anyone would want to mess with considering she is skilled in Taekwondo...haha...but she has already clarified the rumors so I think we can take her word for it...I doubt there is bullying of any sort going on in the group...there might be petty misunderstandings here and there but that's about it and that too...every group has it....

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Nah. I don't think Gyuri and Eunjung have the tendency to get bullied. And seeing T-ara they're so close and they love each other. It's really creative that CCM made a leader rotation, it's awesome to unfold potentials right? :)

It's even possible maknae Jiyeon could be leader
-> this is FTW! hmm, it should be so that netizens would not dare to call Jiyeonnie as a burning engine of the plane T-ara :D
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