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[11.01.26] Jiyeon-Kim TaeHee comparison revives through a headband


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i LOVE My Princess!!!! purely cos it has Kikwang and Seunghun oppa in but =P i kinda wished that Jiyeon could play the younger version of Taehee unni but she's too old for the character...also...the more i see Jiyeon, the less i think she looks like Taehee unni..i kinda think Sunhwa looks more like Taehee unni that Jiyeon..maybe its the hair colour they both have at the moment lol..please dont kill me D: only my personal opinion..

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then are jiyeon looking like han sunhwa secret too?

because every time i watch princess tae hee, idk how but i always think is she is sunhwa like i usually watch i.y

tae hee like more cute and bubbly version of sunhwa

but i can't see where she looking like jiyeon.....

if they two beauty, the answer yes! soo cute and pretty!

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They're both made of awesome stuff <3

I remember before I was introduced to Jiyeon I thought she was actually Kim Taehee!

I was watching SG Wannabe's music video and thought the girl had an uncanny resemblance to Kim Taehee

But I thought "would such a high profile person like Kim Taehee actually film a music video"?

After that I've been able to tell the difference between the two XD

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