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[11.01.31] T-ara's Lunar New Year Wish: A Good Boyfriend?


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Wow..T-ara is so cute in their hanboks...

They really prioritize their families... I think every member of t-ara is a good model for being a good daughter...waahh..

Hyomin unnie is so sweet to her parents...

Soyeon unnie really wants to enjoy!!Keep up!

Eunjeong unnie I know you can do it!!

other t-ara unnies: I am also excited for your debut in Japan..

Boram unnie wish you can find a really nice guy....

I really Love Lunar new year......i hope your wishes will do come true...I also wish Diadem will never stop on supporting t-ara....

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i really do hope their new years wish come true... <3

a good boyfriend hmmm... be sure to hide your boyfriend girls if they are like idols and stuff. be careful of scary fans. hahaha

but yea i really hope they get a good boyfriend to look after them <3

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