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[11.01.31] T-ara's Lunar New Year Wish: A Good Boyfriend?


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Silk material and pastel-colored skirts with cute jackets; T-ara members show a representation of beauty in their hanboks. Their white skin makes a rather good match with the pastel colors.

A week of a sweet vacation for T-ara

First, being able to relax and sleep with your friends comfortable

But Eunjung's still filming dramas with tight schedules

Our New Year's wishes?

One of our wishes is to be better daughters... To be able to provide pocket money for our parents

From doing activities from morning until the late evening, the expression on their faces was tired. But after wearing hanboks, it became brighter. Last month, the popular girl group ended activities for their new mini album and now all the seven members could gather again in one place.

All the members were familiar with wearing the hanboks since childhood. "The color looks better on you," "Front ribbons tied like this," they touched the ceaseless skirt (?). Then they did a deep bow and stood in front of the camera man while doing graceful poses.

● The first long vacation since their debut, "wanting to go back to being ordinary daughters"

This is a special holiday for T-ara. Their last vacation was during Chuseok last year. Because of their hard work this year, they also get another vacation.

"This is the first time. I never thought that these kinds of things made the most sense during the holidays. I'll go home to live with my family. First, I'll sleep and have family time, like supposed to. I'll meet with my friends and drink coffee, watch movies, go to the market and see what others are doing." (Soyeon)

"In my household, I'm the eldest so I have to help with chores. My cooking? It's pretty good. Usually during the Lunar New Year, I leave at night and then leave again in the morning so all I could do was sleep, but this year I'll fulfill do my duties as eldest daughter." (Hyomin)

Qri, Jiyeon, Boram and Hwayoung were also very excited to be going on vacation, but Eunjung was not able to take a vacation. Because she has a lead role in the KBS2TV drama "Dream High", she couldn't stop filming. She also has no rest, so the other members did not tell her their plans and seemed to feel sorry.

"I'm filming a drama, so I don't get any days off. I'd like to go home with my family to eat rice cakes and soup. I can't go, so I feel regretful. But I love being an actor." (Eunjung)

● "Giving the gift of money to my parents"

The first idea that comes to mind when the word 'gift' was mentioned was "money". When they were younger, they were the ones that got money, now it's their time to give the money.

"I want to write a letter to my parents. During that time, I want to write down all the things that I want to let them know of or show them. It doesn't matter if all of it isn't positive. This way, I think I'm able to express my real feelings to them". (Boram)

Hyomin had prepared some extra money from her pocket to give to her parents. "I'd really love to be able to buy my parents some new shoes," said Hyomin, "When I received presents before, I've shown little reactions, but seeing them for a little bit, is already a great present for me now. It makes me really glad. Now, I want to be able to give them something more for a present" (?).

● Japan after New Years, "We couldn't sleep"

T-ara is planning greater activities this year. In April, T-ara will follow after girl groups like SNSD and Kara in Japan and start full-scale activities. They already received interests from three big companies last year, and their agency has became interested and finalized in making a dual coordination plan. However, individual members who advanced into acting has delayed their foray into Japan more than expected.

"It's a dream, but with a lot of preparation I think we could be able to succeed. We received much love in South Korea, and we want to be loved in Japan. I have confidence in myself." (Jiyeon)

"We could not sleep because we're so excited. Because of the activities in Japan, the members and I have to practice to becoming fluent. We have to prepare step by step without mistakes. We're intermediate level of proficiency in Japanese." (Qri)

Leader Boram also hoped that after the New Year the activities in Japan will reach expectations.

"We didn't know that it would get this busy (in a good way!). Around this time last year, we were working on promoting 'I Go Crazy Because of You' but after that, we got a good amount of rest. Even though it's tiring, making music is still very enjoyable for us. Now that we will be transferred to a new place for music makes it a more exciting challenge for us."

Boram also revealed something else she wanted.

"I want to have a guy talking to me as friends. I wish I could talk to someone through something (?). I have a lot of female friends, I wish I had a wonderful boyfriend."


Source: Nate

Written by: Lee Jeongyeon

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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Hhahah How sweet;] Boram Wants a boyfriend!! Hahah.. Awww Eunjung Unnie has to work and T-ara has to secretly hide this vacation from her(?) So Sad!!! I'm Waiting for april now since they say in the article that they'll debut in japan in April! Really waiting....And.. At least Eunjeong goes home and see her family:] Sleepy jung.. So worried of her T__T But the others.. Hwaiting too!! T-ARA FIGHTING!~:)

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The girls all deserve to get a break especially Eunjung, she needs it the most.

She is constantly working, I feel so bad for her, you can see that she's tired but I am glad that she's optimistic and loves being an actor. Eunjung Hwaiting!

And the girls are gonna advanced to Japan so that means more work, they will have a very busy year with their individual activities and their foray to Japan so I wish them the best! T-ara Hwaiting!

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Ahah, poor Boram. How come there is not a single boy who speaks to you as a friend?

Though you're too blame for being so beautiful, come on boys! a girl's beauty is far beyond her appearance :]

They all seem happy for this vacation.

I also feel sorry for Eun Jung. But don't worry, Unnie, all your working will be rewarded! Fighting!

Poor Hyomin too, who is going to have less sleep than the rest of the family, haha (A)

They all look so good in Hanboks!

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omg . They totally deserve their vacation and I wish that I would be long enough for them as well!

And boram is sooo cute . LOL. Too bad for Eunjung . But I'm glad that she is enjoying her filming .

Though it would be great if she could spend some time with her family as well .

I hope they would be as famous as Kara and SNSD during their promo in Japan!

T-ara Fighting!! biggrin.gif

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Poor EunJung, she can't have a rest or any holiday, but I hope she can be happy and stay healthy while filming a drama...

For Qri, Jiyeon, Boram and Hwayoung, have a nice vacation!! Wish u have fun there.. ^^

For Hyomin, be a good sister!! Hope you can take care of yourself too..Stay healthy.. <3

For Soyeon, have a nice day with your friends and take a lot of rest.. :)

For Boram, a good boyfriend?? wish u get one, a nice guy.. ^_^

T-ARA Hwaiting!! <3

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they really cute in hanbok,love that so much :D

may they have good holiday and time with their family :)

too bad eunjung unable to spend her holiday with mom and dad because of DH :D (relief when she said she love acting)

maybe she will call them as usual she did before or sent some presents to them

my girls are going busy this year with another project (japan debut)

hope they will succeed in whatever they do in their career and life too (since boram unnie want a boyfriend lol) :lol:

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Aww Eunjung, her parents must be so happy for her! She's an awesome actor and enjoys doing it, what parent would not be proud of that!

I just hope she's getting enough rest for her hard work, don't overwork :)

I hope their wishes come true, if not Eunjung knows who to call!

T-ara fighting!

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