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[11.02.04] Hyomin apologizes to Seungri for comments made in SBS Idol King New Year Special


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when i watched the show with engsub, i was worried it would be a trouble for hyomin, but i'm sure she didn't mean it.

it sounded funny tbh and seungri didn't seem angry or anything xD but VIPs will go easy on her since she already apologized.

and actually water couple game between seungri-hyomin vs donghae-hara was the funniest through the show xD

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i really dont understand korean culture about addressing people base on this seniority thingy

they were just playing plus hyomin is older than seungri so what's wrong with her using banmal with seungri.

for me its just a joke.. why take this thing so seriously

and in my opinion seungri didnt really offended about this matter

seriously fans are just like to seek for any idols mistake even the smallest one and then blame them like they were making a crime

they really need a life

well i'm proud of hyomin for apologizing over this matter although for me its not a mistake at all

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Yes to many it seems like a small matter and trivial BUT this is part of Korean culture, so to them it IS a big deal. What irks me is everyone's attitude of "pfft, get over it" "koreans take this too seriously" etc...

besides it may only be a handful of VIP's who commented and i don't see these comments as crazy or over the top (unlike some other fangroups)

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I know that Seungri is Hyomin's sunbae, but isn't she older than him? Anyway, I won't say anything about this matter, but I'm glad that Hyomin corrected it anyway. I don't think it was a big deal, it wasn't like she was disrespecting him on purpose. T-ARA and Big Bang jjang~!

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