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[11.02.04] Hyomin apologizes to Seungri for comments made in SBS Idol King New Year Special


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formal, informal... isn't it basically Korean? TT' i don't want to offend anyone, but i speak Vietnamese and if I accidentally talk informally to an older person, i get scolded really bad... and i don't get how we can't all talk the same way to everyone... *sigh* i don't know. i would never be bothered to come up with a language ^^

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But Seungri and Hyomin already discussed this beforehand...so shouldn't it be alright?

So VIPs are against what Seungri chooses to do now? <3 *exaggeration*

Since we know that it was discussed beforehand we should just let it go...cause Hyomin wouldnt be the only one to blame since Seungri also agreed to it..

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