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[11.02.04] Hyomin apologizes to Seungri for comments made in SBS Idol King New Year Special


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[11.02.04] Hyomin apologizes to Seungri for comments made in SBS Idol King New Year Special


Girl group T-ara's member Hyomin apologize for using Banmal (semi-formal) language with senior Big Bang's Seungri.

Hyomin left a message on her Twitter on the 2nd stating, ""Watching the show now, had a lot of fun with Seungri that day, but seems to have gone overboard even though we wanted to be comfortable with each other right from the start. Although it was discussed beforehand, it still seems a bit inappropriate, sorry. Hope he (Seungri) will not be hurt by what I said."

This is in reference to the SBS Idol King aired on the 2nd, where Hyomin used Banmal in a water game with Seungri. She said "He (Banmal)is a little strange","He (Banmal)is too short," during the course of the game.

After the show, Big Bang fans mentioned that Seungri was a senior of Hyomin as a singer and criticized her. Fans said "She shouldn't have used banmal even if its a broadcast", "Saw a case of impoliteness, doesn't feel good," and so on.


Written by: -

Translated by:xxxiang@Diadem

***As usual,my translation may be a bit off***Hyomin have tweeted thrice again on this incident on the 4th.Translators can translate and put it here if there is a need***

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LOL. hyomin is just younger a year to seungri (:

I hope VIP didnt spot this problem yet ^^


I guess Korean people really REALLY put so much care on how they speak with ppl that older. cool~ ^^

XL sonbae, it's OK. I like the way u translate it. no problem with it (:

I got the main idea, and that's more than enough. thx for translating :)

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lol. using banmal to senior sure a great deal at korea. maybe it's hyomin's way to make situation less awkward with seungri. we can't blame her though. lol.

and her action like apologize immediately is a good action i think. it's not like she force to apologize or what not.

thanks for the translation.

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