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[11.02.08] Brave Brothers praise T-ara's Hyomin, "Beautiful Girl"


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UUUUUUHHHHH, i wonder who these brave people are, and since everybody is anticipating something T-ara and the Brave brothers are going to do, so do i (if that makes sense :D ) but yerh, Hyomin is the bomb and beautiful

Beat makers, producers, w/e you want to call them. They seem to make a lot of electronic/techno-ey tracks. They also collaborated with Brown Eyed Girls for How Come which is also a great song.

Song is okay, OD autotune and I usually hate that stuff but the teaser did a good job of getting stuck in my head. Great way to grow on me since it was just Hyomin's part. Now I listen to the full version.

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That's so sweet. ♥ Hyomin is definitely beautiful! Plus I really love her voice... she has like one of the softest voices I've ever heard, it's super cute. I haven't heard the song yet though, is it out already? Can't wait to listen to it! Haha, plus I'm surprised they enjoyed working with Hyomin. I just finished watching Invincible Youth (the episode where Sunny, Yuri, and Hyuna leave) and I thought Hyomin seemed pretty shy throughout those episodes. But yeah, I guess she can be pretty outgoing too... Especially when she was trying to get Sunny's attention or get broadcast time, LOL.

Anyway, thanks for the translation!

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