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[11.02.08] Brave Brothers praise T-ara's Hyomin, "Beautiful Girl"


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Brave Brothers praise T-ara's Hyomin, "Beautiful Girl"


Brave Brothers calls and applauds T-ara's Hyomin as a 'beautiful girl.'

Brave Brothers revealed on the 7th through his Twitter, "I've thought of wanting to work with T-ara's Hyomin and this time we got to work together. Hyomin truly is a Beautiful girl!"

After the posting on Twitter, netizens commented, "I want to hear the Hyomin and Brave Brothers song," "I want to work together, too," and expressed envy.

Meanwhile, Hyomin and T-ara were anointed as a partner to work on the Brave Brothers fifth special project. Brave Brothers and T-ara's single "Beautiful girl" will be released through online music sites on the 10th.


Source: Nate

Written by: Eu Youngrok

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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Wow..even Brave bro. compliments our Hyomin. She not just beautiful, but talented too (rap, dance, sing and act)...that's make T-ara different from other groups.

Can't wait till Feb 10th...waiting for more and more awesomeness from T-ara W/ Brave bro. T-ara jjang...<3

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