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[11.04.26] T-ara's Hyomin, Challenge on Horror Movie


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The three girls have done horror movies, I find it a bit funny. haha

There was a news article in allkpop that Jiyeon and Eunjung are gonna accompany Hyomin to the cemetery at night to have some horror experience, that's so cute.

I will be looking forward to Hyomin's horror movie and especially Eunjung too!^^

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Hmm, horror movie? I'm not such a fan since I usually can't bring myself to watch them, I get so scared easily! Although, I might watch it just for Hyomin.

I remember watching IY and there was an episode where they had a horror special thing and she was so scared. I wonder how she'll cope with this even though it's not real but I'm sure she'll do well.

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The question is are they capable to scare all the fan's with their charm? haha.... well maybe the make ups and all the prosthetics were capable in doing those scary things...

I hope Boram and Hwayoung can also participate in those projects or maybe in other movies. They need more appearances to give a fresher look for the audience and as well as to improve their skill as an actress.

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