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[11.04.26] T-ara's Hyomin, Challenge on Horror Movie


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thats good. she's trying a new characters. different from my gf is a gumiho. unnies looks really stupid there! haha! but, since i hates her in Gumiho9, shes doing her role very good! I can wait for unnies first film! Horror one. hwaiting!! :)

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Hell yes! I always did think Hyomin had the perfect horror movie scream (after hearing her scream several times on Invincible Youth, lol).

I'm looking forward to both movies but admittedly I'm more excited for Hyomin's, as it is also her first ever movie. :]

lol.. thats true.. her scream fits the horror movies.. B)

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T-ara sure loves Horror movies.....

Eunjung - Death Bell 1 & White

Jiyeon - Death Bell 2

and now Hyomin - Gisaeng Ryung

i must admit i actually don't like watching horror movies but since it's T-ara who's acting in it then i will watch it.......

haha me too!! I also watched all of these movies because they are acting in the movies XD

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