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[11.05.16] T-ara's Hyomin, the stylist of 5dolls


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T-ara's Hyomin was the stylist of the junior girl group who is under the same company, 5dolls.

Hyomin has had an extremely big interest in fashion and style for a long time, and for 5dolls' comeback album track "Like This or That" emerged as the stylist. Hyomin looked throughout fashion publications to find styles that fit each member, as she was responsible for each members style.

Fans have already left kind comments on Hyomin's stylist job such as, "5dolls concept costumes are really pretty," "It's really fitting for them." In addition, they have encouraged Hyomin to debut as a stylist.

Meanwhile, 5dolls are currently promoting "Like This or That" which was composed by the combination of Kang Jiwon and Kim Kibum who made Secret's "Madonna", "Magic", and "Shy Boy". They released their club remix album "Time To Play" which has three new songs.

"Time To Play" consists of 8 total tracks, five of which are remixed versions of the songs on their first mini album, "Charming Five Girls".


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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Wow that's awesome. I was actually really impressed at how good the outfits looked in the 5dolls mv (and shocked that they showed that much skin lol) and had no idea that Hyomin designed those outfits. This is really awesome!

Thanks for the news subs as well.

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WOW !! OUR TALENTED HYOMIN, i guess this day would have come since Hyomin does have an uber awesome fashion sense ehehheeh, and really 5 dolls clothes in the concerts and everything really suit them :rolleyes:, soo hope Hyomin debuts as a stylist soon, can't wait to see the outcome :D

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