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[11.08.28] T-ara's Jiyeon's worsening knee injury disrupts activities


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omo....... jiyeon please take care of yourself

she must feel really sad that she has to miss out on t-ara promotions

not only for her sake but for the other members as well aigoo i feel sorry of her

jiyeon please rest well and get better soon and comeback strong and healthy again

you are in our prayers from all of the diadem community

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Strong painkiller... that pain must be too bad to Jiyeon, maybe almost unbearable. When I see her performance in Inkigayo I felt so sad every time she moved her leg with so much difficulties, especially when solo dance part. Let's hope that Jiyeon will recovered immediately, it's so painful for me (and for us) to see Jiyeon force to bear with pain when perform...:P

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OHHH NOOO !! my beautiful JiYeoniee , ahhh she shouldn't hurt herself like this, ahhh sometimes it feels like its painful for me as well, i really do hope she ca relax and get well soon, especially the pain bit, i really really hope sooo.

we need to do something to show our support !!

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Be strong Jiyeon :)

rest well! don't push yourself that hard. For me it's okay to miss the last performance on inki than miss alot of chuseok program.

but it's okay, we know you already thought of the consquences if you perform. anyway, PLEASE take care of your health.

Jiyeonnie saranghae <3

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