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[12.01.18] Coed School's Kwanghaeng-Hyewon-Sungmin to feature in T-ara's "Lovey-Dovey" stages


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[12.01.18] Coed's Kwanghaeng and Sungmin to return to the stage for the time in 1 1/2 years


Coed School's Kwanghaeng and Sungmin will return back on stage after a 1 year and six month hiatus with their labelmate T-ara.

According to Core Contents Media on the 19th, Coed School's Kwanghaeng and Sungmin will appear on the January 19th episode of Mnet "M!Countdown" and the January 21st episode of MBC "Show! Music Core" during T-ara's "Lovey-Dovey".

Along with Kwanghaeng and Sungmin, Coed's female sub-unit 5dolls member Hyewon will feature on stage with a 40-second shuffle dance.

Kwanghaeng previously was the president of a dance club in Australia and enjoyed teaching dances in his spare time including T-ara's "Roly-Poly". Sungmin gained attention before debuting for his poppin' dance.

Last year, after a controversy happened with Coed School member Kangho, he withdrew himself from the group. Without Kangho, Coed's male unit is preparing to debut with the help of a new member, "Superstar K3" Shin Jongkook.


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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honestly i never pay attention about Co ed School, i even never hear their song. the only thing i heard from them was just when 5Dolls collaborate with T-ara (you know the reason why i watch 5Dolls too, right?) but i don't like that song, not so good. since i am so hard for like something, so i don't have interest to see them more. but i think this time i have to give a chance, since they are t-ara's labelmate :)

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i love t-ara and davichi, so i'll support co ed too =)

plus, co ed and 5dolls' songs are great! love them!

i love how ccm always try to let their artists help each other...

TTL, Women Generation, We Were In Love are great examples of CCM artists collab...

I wouldn't pay much attention to T-ara and Supernova if there was no TTL

CCM, though you're sucks sometimes, but i'll support you..lol =)

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Wait theres a controversy regarding Kangho and his out? Why didnt I know this?!

And CCM, I'm still waiting for Coed School's comeback and debuts of the male sub-unit.

Yes. Kangho was accused of multiple rape by some school girls back at the Co-ed's debut. That's partly why the group flopped. Then in September 2011, CCM announced Kangho was leaving the group to concentrate on his acting. It seemed fake at the time, but since he actually played in Lovey Dovey Zombie MV... maybe it was true. In any case, he is still a part of CCM, but he's not officially with Co-ed anymore. He was replace by a Superstar contestant. Considering how popular are those contestant, I hope it will boost the group!

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