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[12.01.19] Video HD - T-ara Acceptance Speeches @ Seoul Music Awards


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Thanks for sharing the vids!

So happy T-ara got these awards....seems like there's so many good things happening to them these days.

It was nice to see that Park Shin Hye was the one who handed their Digital Album Daesang award, seeing that she's a good friend of Eunjung.

It was also a joy to watch Soyeon and the girls accepting their Bonsang Award from her friend this time, Lee Min Ho. See around 0:30 where Lee Min Ho and Soyeon are waving to each other. :D I just knew that she won't let this moment go without giving a shout out that Lee Min Ho is her friend. :lol: He must also be very happy for Soyeon and T-ara's success. On a personal note, I hope to see Soyeon and her other friend Jung Il Woo next time together on cam.

Also good to see SNSD and T-ara sitting side by side. Was that during the entire show?

Congrats again to Tara's awards and hoping for more in the future!

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