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[12.06.12] T-ara's eighth member revealed: Areum, a cute high school girl


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The funny thing with all this, is that we'll ultimately see the members addition as a success if T-ara doesn't lose its popularity at some point.

But that's not it, the whole plan, according to KKS, is to make T-ara far more popular than now. It doesn't really matter if the new members are, at least, not too bad. They need to be wonderful.

I won't see the new members as usefull unless T-ara can achieve, thanks to these, a success 2 times greater than Lovey Dovey, at least.

And about that I remain highly skeptical...

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Do anyone notice they face look identical. Oatx6.jpg?1

LOL.... they seriously look identical...

Is KKS trolling us?

But anyway... I don't accept Dani... She is too young...

For the 8th member... I still can forcefully accept her...

Dani is seriously too YOUNG! AND I WAN JIYEON TO BE MAKNAE! >:(

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Wow, the news line is really on fire with these additions..

Say what you want about KKS, but I guess he succeeded in his goal in generating interest about T-Ara, no matter how bone-headed his decisions may seem.. :|

I guess I'll be looking forward to their comeback with a grain of salt and a pinch of skepticism.. I hope this all works out for the best..

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BTW, It's hurt to see our fandom ( which was just etablished) divise in 2 part : one is Absoluted 7-ara and the other is more opened mind with X-ara.

You forgot Forever 6-Ara :P

day by day could be the last album which got 7 t-ara... althoughdtage performing is 8

Jewelry Box is the last album that got 7-Ara. There's a reason why I bought that freaking expensive overpriced album...

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Poor 7-Ara especially 6-Ara to have to go through to learn ALL their choreography AGAIN...

Ya..and they not only need to change for 8-ara...they also need to change for 9-ara coming december....areum is better than dani ALOT ( in my opinon) and that picture look like they had headache...lol...especially jiyeon...

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i LOVEEEE how you guys are complaining about 9-ARA, everyone should just be happy and let it happen, because we all know~~~ that complaining OR whining won't change KKS's decision.

Plus, i'm not sure about how long the contracts are for T-ARA, but i could say that when their contract is up, the two noobies (add in Hwayoung, so that's three) would be able to take over T-ARA, and maybe in the long run, there will be more members by then.

I understand, yes we don't know what Areum is capable of, it's only one video... and yes Dani was picked off the street, like mostly every other member in other idol groups. Some people know this all ready, but when Kpop started, err when SES and HOT came into the world, they were also picked up off the street. So eh, maybe the pedophile does know what he's doing or maybe not.

But we just cant go and complain about something to the person who is never here.

Just let things happen and go with the flow. No one's going to care but eh, who cares anyway right?

Because we all know, that one day everyone's going to accept the two noobs.

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Guest audiferari

so, it's already official huh . okay, she's got the face ( average cute ). But we still don't know about her capability yet, so let's wait and see for it later. At least she's a trainee, so she's got talent and basic skill.

Now this is what I call "Raw Jewel" , not like a "rabble" 14y girl who KKS pick on the street and call it "Unrefined Jewel".

( Girl who doesn't know how to sing / dance, and suddenly become a member of popular idol group, without proper time to training. THIS IS SO WRONG ).


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KKS's sowing division of T-ara's fandom, and I really hate it >"<

Why the new members are accepted because of their beauty or voice??? They should debut in a new group

I have a lot of reasons to love my girls, which I can't find in any other groups

I really like the way they concern for each other. That love is not easy to share with a stranger, so I don't think my girls like the addition. T-ara don't need any help, they're full now!!!

In my conservative opinion, I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE ADDITIONs!!! I will close my eyes if I see them T_T

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Just thinking....

if we look at it from the additions' point of view, they can't refuse KKS.

If they did then their career would definitely be finished.

I'm sure our 7 Queens knew that and it's the reason they didn't say anything bad yet.

The pressure in on the additions who'll have to work hard to get us fans to accept them.

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