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[12.08.10] T-ara's Eunjung to attend SBS "Five Fingers" press conference


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[12.08.10] T-ara's Eunjung to attend SBS "Five Fingers" press conference


T-ara's Eunjung and Hyomin will be the first to make appearance after the "T-ara situation" blew up.

On the 14th, Hyomin will attend the press conference for the MBC sitcom "One Thousandth Man" at 3:00 PM.

Today it was revealed Eunjung is scheduled to appear at the SBS weekend drama press conference "Five Fingers" at 2:00 PM. The press conference will be attend by Eunjung as well as Ji Changwuk, Joo Jihoon, Choi Younghun and the PD.

Netizens have protested for T-ara's Hyomin, Eunjung and Soyeon (KBS Haeundae Lovers) to be removed from their dramas, however all of the drama broadcasters decided not to make that change.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120810n17231

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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Hope this drama gets a good viewers rating.. every cloud has a silver lining, so I hope with all the media circus at least people will pay more attention to this drama and get hooked since Eunjeung is such a great actress.. (Absolutely adored her in Coffee House, hate the fact that the focus changed from her character half-way through the drama..)

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I really don't get why they have to protest like that. Removing them because of rumors that aren't even true.........? Tsss... Just leave T-ara alone..! >:( Don't worry T-ara unnis no matter what happens you'll always have fans to support you as long as we, queens, still have our breath..! T-ara HWAITING..!!!!

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found it on tumblr and please show yr support okay.





Lord Noodles here, myself, AmandaMetal, Jokerstorm2 and some Diadems are trying to make a campaign:
International T-ara Fan Support Day.

The purpose? Show our love of T-ara.

Show a homemade sign, fan art, drawings, photo support, album collections, something you’ve done as a fan of T-ara to show everyone!
I spoke once of being loud and proud
of being a fan, well here’s your chance to do it! Post on your own blogs, or you can contribute
to my other one; we’re looking for a place to collect all of this T-ara Love!

T-ara Time to Love!

Hey guys if you haven’t already, share this and contribute to the project! Thanks!

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