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[12.08.27] T-ara's Eunjung and Jiyeon's cameo in "Shut Up Family" will be edited out


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[bREAKING] Hwayoung speaks on the controversy surrounding herself and T-ara

After keeping her silence for nearly a month, T-ara‘s former member, Hwayoung, has tweeted in response to the controversy and the way the situation has been unfolding.

Hwayoung wrote,

“Having come across articles about Eunjung unni’s leave from her drama, my heart felt uneasy. It is true that there were confrontations due to differences in opinions with the T-ara members while I was promoting as part of T-ara. However, with the stories about bullying going around and the situation growing worse, my heart was in pain. I was also really upset and hurt by the distorted facts [that have come out].

However, there were times when I was happy while we were all under one roof, so I want to forget about the past and want us to cheer each other on with smiles on our faces. You all showed so much love, care, and attention to T-ara, so I’m very sorry for having caused concern and worry through this incident to everyone.”

What are your thoughts on her words?

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is this news posted already?!

Korean Broadcast Actors Union Demands Exit of SBS ‘Five Fingers’ Director Over Ham Eun Jung’s Departure


The Korean Broadcast Actors Union (KBAU) has released a press release calling for director Choi Young Hoon of SBS’ Five Fingers to step down.

KBAU released a press release on August 28 in which it sided with T-ara’s Ham Eun Jung saying, “This incident goes beyond a matter simply involving Ham Eun Jung alone but reveals a bigger problem at the casting system level and we are closely monitoring the stance of SBS and the production company Yein E&M.”

The press release added, “SBS and Yein E&M have been attempting to arouse public opinion to make it seem as though this incident was caused by labor union member, Ham Eun Jung and attempting to relate the T-ara incident to this case while trying to cover up the improper one-sided termination of the contract.

KBAU then alleged that Ham Eun Jung had initially shown discomfort on set in doing product placement advertisement with her wardrobe, accessories and other items. This didn’t sit too well with Five Fingers’ investors and producers who secretly met with SBS and director Choi Young Hoon behind closed doors.

Ultimately the director then turned to Core Contents Media’s CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, asking for Ham Eun Jung to exit on her own and claiming he would take care of everything.

However, KBAU accuses SBS and 'Five Fingers’ director of attempting to spin the T-ara outcast controversy as the issue behind Ham Eun Jung’s departure and not the actual issue, which KBAU says was due ultimately to product placement.

KBAU also made accusations that Yein E&M attempted to sign another contract with Ham Eun Jung on top of the contract she had already signed, in which the new contract stated that if the T-ara outcast incident negatively affected the drama’s investors and the companies behind the product placement in any way Ham Eun Jung’s side would have to compensate the drama as well as its investments.

According to KBAU the original contract was signed with Ham Eun Jung on July 17 but the new contract with the additional clause was attempted to be signed on August 21.

KBAU called on Ham Eun Jung to be reinstated to the drama according to the original contract, that director Choi Young Hoon step down from the drama and that Yein E&M issue an official apology.

SOURCE: http://enewsworld.mnet.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=13501

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She could say this earlier, maybe Eunjung wont lose her role than. Anyway, though I think its a bit late, better than say nothing at all. I hope 6-ara will speak up too. I miss them a lot. Its frustrating when there's no news at all from Boram & Qri.

If you think about it...would you expect Boram or Qri to say anything in this situation?

Maybe it's just me but I would just stay quiet. But then that's just me...

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